IncomeBitAvoid at all costs

This is just another hyip project that stopped paying money to investors.
Another investment scam.
Of course, their first investors got profits, probably, but this fact makes me wonder why people are so naive and believe every investment fund they see. It's so easy to check whether it's a scam or not, but they do not do it.
IncomeBit states that their company is officially registered, then how can I view the documents that could prove it?
The founders act like scammers, there's nothing new. They promise from 8 to 30% a day for investments.
But if people had checked when the domain was registered they wouldn't have lost their money. You're gonna laugh when you find out how old this fund is. It was created 15 days ago!
Still have doubts they are not a scam, even though already stopped paying back?
Stop being so naive.

Dec 04, 2018

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