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Incident of Freight Pick Up Service / Unknowlegiable, Inefficient, and Incompetent YRC Customer Service

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Phone: 800-610-6500

On 2/9/10 we needed a freight company to go pick up a freight from other state. Over the years we hired many freight companies. We had created an account with YRC and decided to try its service this time. After receiving a quote, we )consignee) gave it a go-ahead and provided all the information except time to pick up which we had to wait as coming from the pick-up site vendor. Then at YRC website we created a bill-of-laden without the pick up time and saved there. Early morning of 2/10/10 when the pick -up time was confirmed, we called YRC right away and notified it as was instructed so on previous day. On our questioning the male YRC customer rep said, delivery is next day, no need to submit a bill-of-laden since he got all the info.

However, having received "no tracking number" or any other form of notification from YRC at after 4 pm on 2/10/10, we were "not sure" whether or not YRC had picked up the freight previous day (we always receive a tracking notification from every freight company). Pick-up site answered none. YRC has our e-mail address. This was rather unusual. To make sure the [protected] was again dialed. A female customer service said a customer would be "charged" to receive a notification as a confirm of their a pick up. Consignee: How are we supposed to know if the freight was picked up? Did the YRC driver report of pick up? YRC: I don't know. Driver is not expected to report. You need to call YRC or go to our website. Consignee: Do you have a tracking number? YRC: Yes. Consignee : Can we have it? YRC: I put you on hold. . . later came back to give it as xxxxxxxxxx. YRC: Consignee: This is what we needed. After having freight pick up confirmed, you do not send a tracking number? YRC: No. Consignee: Can you put a note on our account that this customer always needs a tracking number sent by e-mail after pick up confirmed YRC: we can't do it you need to call. . .

Consignee was not convinced that YRC would charge for it to send a notification/tracking number and was necessary to request. So about 5 minutes later called the same number again to ask other employee about this. This time a called went to California, another female cust.service answered. Asked the same question. YRC: we normally do not charge for tracking number. What is your tracking number? Are you Consignee located yyyy? Consignee: Yes. that's correct. YRC: Do you have a PRO number? Consignee: As told you, we are not given. YRC: when was the request? Consignee: originally on 2/9/10 and confirmed on 2/10/10. YRC: Are you located yyy? Consignee: Yes. that's correct. . . . on and on.. and on. YRC: you need to call sales personnel in your area. Problem about this Rep was that she asked our reply input twice. What a waste of time to communicate with Customer Service that represent YRC? Customer Service needs to be knowledgeable about the services they provides, be able to communicate effectively and efficiently to be competitive.

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  • Dk
      2nd of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    I am currently in the midst of dealing with my shipping woes from YRC. I placed an order several weeks ago which was shipped through them. No problem.

    I downloaded and printed out my bill of lading and tracked the order. Again, no problem.

    I was informed that I had to schedule a delivery time. Fine and dandy, did and done.

    I scheduled the delivery for today (3/2) between noon and 2 pm and scheduled the time off work to be there to take the delivery. No problem, I thought.

    Then, later yesterday afternoon (3/1) as I'm getting ready to step into a meeting, I get a call from the YRC driver, wanting me to meet him at my house right that moment. Obviously, I could not. After repeated sighs and huffs and puffs (on his part) and me telling him what time I was due off work and the earliest I could possibly be home, he informs me that, well, he's heading back to their warehouse and doesn't know if I'd be able to get my delivery today.

    I responded that I had scheduled a specific time today at THEIR request and expected that my items would be delivered at that time, as I had already arranged time away from work, etc. in order to take the delivery. After getting off the phone with the driver, I immediately contacted the local warehouse and was told that yes, my delivery was still scheduled for the same time today and would be delivered as scheduled.

    Today, I made certain I was home by the appointed time, and after sitting there, staring at the clock for an hour and a half, I called to see if perhaps he was running late, just in case I needed to do some last-minute schedule rearranging for the afternoon. Upon calling the warehouse, however, I was informed that my package had been taken off the truck this morning and was sitting there, more than an hour's drive from here, and that the soonest I could possibly expect it is "sometime tomorrow."

    Needless to say, I'm rather infuriated at the moment. Not only has this company cost me however much they charged to ship my item, they have also cost me not one afternoon, but at least two, of work, a lot of headache medication, and an irritated supervisor. And, of course, I'm wondering if I'll get my shipment tomorrow or sometime by the end of this week.

    This company isn't only a headache to those who ship through them. They're also a headache to the people awaiting shipments from them, and in my humble opinion, they make the companies who choose to ship through them look inefficient and incapable from the customer's point of view. If you are a company wishing to send freight to customers, I would advise you choose another carrier. If you are a customer awaiting shipment, I would advise you stock up on Excedrin.

  • Ma
      30th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    YRC was the shipper for my two couches. The sofa was contracted to be delivered insider my house. Only one driver was sent to bring my sofa to my house. The sofas weigh 300 pounds. I am a 53 year old woman. I managed to help with one, but it stressed my back.

    On top of that, YRC lost the other sofa. A week later, they found it in California. I live in IL.

    Thirteen days later, they said that it was in IL, but they had no truck to deliver it. They would deliver the next day. The following day--no calls. At 4:30pm, I started tracking every caller ID number I could find.

    They finally called back at 8pm. They said that their lift gate was not working and I would need to provide help unloading the sofa because it weighs 300 pounds. I told them that I knew how much it weighed because I had helped carry it in! At that moment I was so furious I wanted to direct them to pick up the other sofa and never darken my doors again!

    But, my husband was home and took over the conversation. We are still waiting. Perhaps the malfunctioning gate was just an excuse to postpone. Unfortunately, for them, my husband called their bluff.

    Stay away from YRC--they have lots of phone managers. No real service. Definitely will not keep appointments.

  • Ci
      22nd of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    Stay away from YRC!

  • Ga
      13th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    I used YRC to ship an item cross country.
    First problem was the quoted rate I received was about $150 lower then what they charged. When asked why, they stated the rep had the wrong classification for the crated item. Funny thing is they did not explain this until after the item was picked up, so no chance for me to cancel at that time. I would have thought if the item was crated and the weight was correct along with the dimensions...etc. how could it be "classified wrongly". I would have been a lot more understanding if this was related to me before the item was in transit. I mean come on, they have my cell, email, address...really no reason to not communicate.
    Next, the item was weighed at pick up location at 445 lbs crated. When it arrived at destination it weighed 585 lbs. Totally odd right?!!? I asked the driver how/why it could have gained 100+ lbs in transit and he stated it was a mistake.
    I had him cross out the 585 lbs and replace with the 445 lbs and initial along with mine. Signed it and forgot about it...well, about 30 days from the item being dropped off, I get a call from the YRC rep stating that due to the crate being more then what I estimated (over 500 lbs), I will have to pay a sur-charge for the difference (which was about $200). I told the rep that I have the paperwork stating it was a mistake. I also asked how/why he does not have a copy of that...That afternoon my bank account was automatically deducted $200. I have left several messages with no response.
    I would NEVER use this company again...just a warning, they are very unethical and shady.

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