Inception Fundwhat a shame!

This fund does nothing to look legit.
It's so clearly seen.
I don't even read their promises and conditions if I see a problem with contacts and team presentation.
Well, first of all. What is their exact address? I see only Moscow, Rozhdestvenka. Is that all? So this company occupies the whole street, right?
Press part. Coming soon. I guess it will never come. Nobody wants to write articles about scammers. Everybody thinks about their reputation.
Team presentation Just awful. It makes sense to change photos. Strange descriptions.
For example, Evgeniy Birin invested in many blockchain projects and became a partner in some of them. Any examples? No? Or their so-called public relation officer Ekaterina Skobitskaia who still cooperates with many international and well-known companies in Social Media Marketing. Please, explain us, what companies are those, the more especially as they are well-known, famous. No examples either.
Not saying about grammar, punctuation and spelling mistakes, it's clear that English is not their native language.
Inception Fund should do everyone a favor and close their shady company, don't disgrace yourself!

Dec 03, 2018

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