Let's see what INBlockchain is about.
Looking through the website I can say that there's not much.
The company states they are experienced and that they contacted more than two thousand projects, invested in more than fifty projects, and were in close contact with the one hundred most influential people in the space.
That'd be okay if they provided a single example. But they didn't. Why would I believe them then? I can tell you I personally know the queen of Great Britain and that we often drink tea in the royal garden, will you believe me? Same here.
The next thing is that they say their team consists of more than ten experienced analysts and the company is supported by 10+ global partners who are the best in the whole universe.
No examples. Just words. Who are those people who stand behind this company? Why is it often such a big secret? What will happen if companies that hide it all of a sudden tell us about it? The sky will break or what?

Dec 10, 2018

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