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Do a police background check on Matthew Haysom a once detained and deportee and acting as the managing director of Inasiana solutions, this company is using the popularity of other established companies to benefit them but so far has been doing nothing but dodgy mediocre business dealings fooling people in Malaysia.
Another owner of the fake site and business is Azlin Junaini Ahmad a one time concubine of Matthew haysom as she is married to another man. Claiming false accusations and was fined heavily for spiking a drink of a foreign national when attending to a meeting early in the wee hours of the morning. Highly an unfit woman to do business with anyone. Diagnosed with mental illness with psychopathic behaviour. Be aware of this individual, using drugs and spiritism to capture their prey.

Jan 25, 2015
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  • Ma
      Jul 02, 2015

    Notice this comment and all the other defamatory remarks posted here are sent in anonymity. They are of course a tissue of lies and have been posted with the sole intention of trying to discredit a reputable business. None of these comments are true and we are fully aware of the individual who posted them and would be taking the appropriate legal action were it not for the fact that she does not have the courage to show herself and hides away from the law in some dark recess of Manila, . If anyone takes any of her rantings seriously and/or doubts the credibility of our company in any way, please feel free to conduct whatever background checks you wish and contact us directly at any stage. Moreover, if you require the name and contact details of this disturbed person, we would be happy to supply so that you can contact her direct and request of her proof that one single thing she says has any credibility at all. There will be none as these lies are constructed merely to try to cause trouble and thereby satisfy a disturbed and dangerously delusional malcontent. If you have any concerns or wish to contact us about these scandalous accusations, please feel free to do so directly in the first instance to [protected] Very best regards to all good people here.

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  • Ks
      Apr 07, 2017

    When you make a complaint, that is TRUTH but when someone makes a complaint on you, that is a LIE. What a logic you have. You have no right to even exist let alone make complaints on others...You have faults on you and you point out faults on others...I think you should see a psycho...

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