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I ordered a Canon 7D on line for $1599. Three days later i receivede a call while visiting Smugglers Notch in Vt
Guy said he had to confirm my order and noted the camera did not come with a CF card. Stated regular cards are not able to work in the camera. I said i wanted a 32g card. He said had a pkg with 2 16g cards. I added a uv filter for the lens. He then said the camera did not come with a separate charger, that the battery had to be charged in the camera. Offered to send a "high speded charger" with adtl battery, then additional items. Then said S&H and handling was $125 but no big deal because i would be saving sales tax. I rejected stating not my problem if the camera arrives damaged or gets lost. He said had to charge. I said CANCEL ORDER, He put me on hold and came back and said would waive shipping. I said e-mail me the adjusted order and i would confirm. No word.
I received the camera Monday. It DID have a canon plug in charger. The so-called hi speed charger is junk. It doesn't work. The additional no-name battery won't charge and the vamera will not recognize the battery. I called Monday and had a run-around, routed twice to sales but had to talk to cust. service. Told to call back after 12PM and ask for xt 225, Did and dialted 225 - no such extension.Called back after several minutes spoke to someonw who transferred me. Then on hold 5 minutes more and man answered for Cust Svc, asked me to hold; i said ok and he transferred me to voice mail. I left a message but needless to say, no response. I am now disputing with Citibank.

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  • Cl
      Jul 26, 2011

    Stock Digital offerred a good 100$ rebate on a T3i camera, but NEVER DO BUSINESS with them. THEY SCAM YOU saying the they need to PROGRAM THE FIRMWARE in the CAMERA for 100$?? THIS IS SO [censored]! THE PACKAGE is not original, comes in WHITE BOX, NO BATTERIES, nothing included. NEVER DO BUSINESS with them please!!!

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  • Co
      Aug 15, 2011

    If you read their policies they state all this - still a bit fishy though - anyone had a good experience???

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  • 1p
      Oct 10, 2011
    In Stock Digital - Scam, Rude
    In Stock Digital
    New York
    New York
    United States

    This company is very questionable. I ordered a digital camera from them becuase they listed the cheapest price. After a week, my order had not even shipped. When I called, the owner informed me that the item had been back-ordered, but was there now and would ship tomorrow. He then proceeded to try to convince me to get a better battery pack for the camera, that the one that comes with the camera would only last 20 minutes and was not rechargable. I figured this was just a sales bit, and was receiving an important call from my wife on the other line, so I quickly said "thank you, btu I don't need another battery, just ship it as I ordered it". Before I could get to the other line, the OWNER was yelling that I can't hang up because he would CANCEL MY ORDER. I asked why and he said that "a phone conversation has two people and cannot be ended by just one person", At this point I didn't know it was the owner, and asked if he always spoke so rudely to his customers...he said "only those that don't listen to me and try to hang up" I asked for a manager and he informed me he was the owner. He continuted being incredibly rude, so I cancelled my order. I'm still waiting to make sure I don't get some charge on my credit card. this store is absolutely CRAP, I wouldn't reccommend that anyone ever buy anything from them, even if they appear to be the cheapest deal.

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  • Ca
      Oct 17, 2011

    I should have known when I came across a price that just seemed to be too good to be true. They bait you with one price but then try to pressure you into buying overpriced accessories and extended warranty or accident insurance. Usually when you decline everything the salesperson starts complaining that they can't make any money by selling the product at the advertised price and when the buyer stands fast on not wanting anything except what they ordered, they are unable to verify the order because they have just discovered they are out of stock. What's pathetic is these people portray the image of being religious because they close for the various Jewish holidays. This weekend they were closed for Sukkot. Last weekend it was for Yom Kippur and the weekend before that they were closed for Rosh HaShanah. What I wished the Attorney General would do is close them for Good!

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  • De
      Oct 18, 2011

    I agree with the above statements. My experience was very similar. I had to add the SD car. I had to add the charger and the patter and then, , why shouldn't I just buy the whole package? What started as out as a $550 purchase ended up being $835. I requested a cancellation and was told that there would be a 20% cancellation fee. Then I was asked if I knew what 20% was? Then the guy got really rude and told me that he wasn't going to cancel my order. So, I had to cancel my credit card and reinstate it in order to get rid of these clowns. Do yourself a favor and never buy anything from these people. And, tell everybody you know about them!

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