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1 AZ, United States Review updated:

After getting a recommendation from my realtor and reading the sample warranty online I bought 2 warranties from In-House. The first was for my 5-year-old residence and the second was for a rental we own that was built in 1995. First the water heater went out in my home and the service from In House was perfect. Less than 24 hours after reporting the claim they installed a new water heater and charged me only the deductible.

My second experience with In House was not as good. The dishwasher began leaking in the rental so I called in a claim. They promptly arranged an inspection with the tenant. Later I received an invoice in the mail for my deductible. I called to pay the invoice and asked what they had found wrong at which time I was transferred to Freeman. It was only then I was informed that the pump was leaking but since the appliance was over 10 years old and had exceeded its life expectancy they could only offer me a good price on a replacement dishwasher. They offered to replace the dishwasher for $405.00 installed. I then asked what the warranty was for if they were putting a life expectancy on everything since nothing lasts forever. I also asked where in the contract did it state that if an item exceeded its life expectancy did the warranty not apply got straight answers for neither question. I did more research and found another contract hidden in the websight that addresses life expectancy of 10 years. I called the manufacturer of the dishwasher and gave them the serial number. According to General Electric t hat dishwasher was made in March 2001 so it is 7 years old give or take but surely not over 10 years old. When I called Freeman back with this info the installed price went down to $283.00. This was also after my realtor had called Freeman to voice his concerns. Since I could not beat this price I reluctantly approved the replacement. It seems that rather than honoring the terms of their sample warranty they show on the web In-house is more interested in selling appliances. It also seems they generate sales with one sample contract but settle claims based on another contract.

I will not be renewing with this company and would urge anyone else to think twice about In House Home Warranty

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  • Jp
      29th of Sep, 2009
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    I agree with the complaint. I had the same thing happening to me on my two rental properties. One is 5 years old and the second one just turned 10 years old.
    When the water heater leaked, they refuse to cover it and charged me for that... it was past its lifetime expectancy... but this number changes depending on who you talk to when you call. Anyways I think they are dishonest and now I am trying to cancel my policies... it is becoming a nightmare, they claim it can take up to 90 days to cancel a policy...why?

  • Mu
      9th of Dec, 2009
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    This company is a total rip-off. First piece of advice - do not do business with them under any circumstances. If you do have a problem - please file a complaint with the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, the Phoenix Better Business Bureau, and the AZ Department of Insurance.

    Inhouse Home Warranty is a joke!

  • Pp
      24th of Mar, 2010
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    As a Property Manager I have dealt with several home warranty companies. All I can say about Inhouse Home Warranty Company is “Be Wary”. They routinely adapt deceptive practices from top down. I had several warranties with them. If you have no problems with your homes, then you are fine but, if you do have a problem be prepared to pay additional money and frustration.

  • An
      16th of Jun, 2010
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    I was also advised by a realtor to go with In-House Warranty. I think they get a kick back or something. Anyway; they have denied almost every single claim. My roof was leaking, denied, my pool had a very small issues, denied, my water heater went out and was told it would cost me $600 due to is being barely over 10 years old. I did it myself for $400 dollars including taxes. My dishwasher went out and they wanted to fix it for $375 ( I would only have to pay co-pay) but what's the point of that? A new one could be bought for that price, I even told them I would pay the extra $$$ to get an a better one, denied. FREEMAN denies all. Only thing that has been somewhat covered is my washing machine. They came out twice to fix and that was a huge hassle. I finally got $200 from them to go towards a new one, but it's really not $ 200 when you have a co-pay.

  • Gr
      9th of Dec, 2011
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    IN HOUSE HOME WARRANTY - No response
    In House Home Warranty
    United States

    I called In House a few months ago to validate an invoice. I did not receive a response in a week plus, so left another message. It appears they no longer answer the phone with a live person at any time. I did not hear back again so I sent an email that was stated on the invoice claiming I had questions and that it was time to schedule the covered HVAC review for fall. I sent the email delivery/read receipt. They sent a message back saying they received and read but still NO response. I called a third time and still no response. It appears they have gone out of business and will not be honoring their service. Since I paid an annual fee last June, it appears I am out of luck on getting any service from them for the remainder of our contract. Any one else experiencing this issue with them?

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