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I have worked at ULTA for almost 3 years now. I quickly worked my way up from just a stock girl to Operations/Assistant Manager. I deal with customers complaints everyday and each one is different.
I would like to share with you some of our most common complaints and give explanations, and hopefully help you find some resolution.

1.) $3.50 of $10 or more purchase coupon
This coupon excludes "prestige cosmetics" which includes the entire Prestige dpartment in our store. This department includes Bare Minerals(Bare Escentuals), Smashbox, Lorac, Urban Decay, Bourjois, Elizabth Arden, Too Faced, Studio Gear, etc. This department also includes skincare lines such as Dermalogica, MD Formulations, Murad, DDF, Exuviance, etc. The coupon Does NOT work on fragrances or "Hair Artistry brands" Hair artistry includes, Ojon, Nick Chavez, Frederick Fekai, Jonathan, Oscar Blandi, etc. These brands are normally grouped together in one aisle to make it easier to determine which are excluded.
You DO have to spend $10 BEFORE taxes. Usually it is up to the mananger/cashier to determine how the coupon is used.
If You buy a $45 fragrance and a $6 eyeshadow I consider that a TOTAL purchase over $10 and I will allow the coupon to be used even though part of your purchase is excluded on the coupon. Be advised this is not something ALL locations will do. It varies company wide. You can explain to your cashier why you SHOULD get your $3.50 but ultimately it is up to the store manager. Only because ULTA Corporate has not made any clear rules.
Although, it seems like a lot of brands are excluded it is actually a very small part of our entire inventory. It mainly consists of two derpatments. There is a 20% off entire purchase coupon that is sent out only twice a year to CLUB CARD MEMBERS. This comes in the mail as a postcard and can be used on ANY products in the store besides clearance.

2.) Advertised Items Out Of Stock.
ULTA many times will have great deals on some of your favorite products, however, the actual store location does not determine how much they will get in stock. Corporate somehow determines how much they think the individual location will need. If it is a lower traffic store with fewer customers, they get less stock. If it is a high traffic store with a higher customer average, they receive more stock. Unfortunately sometimes they are very wrong. Each store is required to do a bi-weekly out of stock count to better replenish the store, however if the item is not something we carry regularly it is harder to restock.You are able o get a rain check on ANY item that we regularly carry but not promotional items because we may never be replenished on these items. Contact ULTA corporate and LET THEM KNOW. This willl help your local ULTA store stay stocked, because ULTA Corporate takes customer complaints very seriously in this matter.

3.) Items ringing up different price that what was displayed
This is very simple. If the item tag has a different price that what rang up at the register the associate MUST change the price. However if the item was in the wrong location under a different product tag, we do not change prices. The product sku must match the tag. If there is an OUTDATED sales tag still displayed near the product we MUST make a price adjustment. This is part of Weights and Measures and is something ULTA takes very seriously.

4.) Bad Customer Service Experience
There is absolutely no excuse for this. At my location we have very few complaints concerning poor customer service, but we do hear about other locations all the time. ULTA employees are trained to focus on their customers. Every training video, every handbook, every meeting revolves around customers. Clearly customers are the most valuable part of our company. However I can say that you will get better customer service at slower stores, these locations have more down time and less traffic so they are more able to give you a lot more attention. If you can not find such a location near you. Trying calling ahead of time to ask for an associate with expertise in the products or services you are intersted in. They can designate a time for you to come in and speak with them one on one, this also gives them a chance to do more research on the product/service.
If all else fails you should definitely take the Survey that is at the bottom of your purchase receipt. This survey mainly focuses on your Checkout experience but you are able to leave a comment. Stores are scored on these surveys and are required to reach a certain percentage every week. If a store falls below there percentage more action is taken by the General Manager and District Manager to ensure quality customer service is always maintained. Try to leave an associate name to help pinpoint the issue and a time and date as well. Our employees mainly consist of adolescent girls, that sometimes have a mind and attitude if their own. I started with Ulta when I was 19 and I am now 21. I do not plan on staying with ULTA forever, I am working to pay my way through college but even so I take my job very seriously. Some of these girls have no adult responsibilities or obligations and are mostly fresh out of high school. They do not care about their job or their customers at all, and it was our mistake to hire them on in the first place. On behalf of ULTA Salon, Cosmetics, and Fragrance I apologize for any inconvenience and hope that you will continue to shop with us either in our stores or online. I would like you to know that your opinion and comments do matter and I highly suggest sharing your concerns with us. Thank You.

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  • Un
      30th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I have written a letter (yep, via snail mail) to corporate ULTA and have also sent an e-mail. The letter was more than six weeks ago, the e-mail a week ago. I have yet to hear back from anyone. I used to spend a ton of money at ULTA, but clearly I am not a valued customer. I am not shopping there again until I get a reply. I get the feeling I will never darken ULTA's doorway again!

  • Rp
      6th of Dec, 2009
    0 Votes

    I have to agree with UnHappyWithUlta
    I have had it with the absolutely horrible customer service, the snippy ### saleswomen, the complete and total lack of promotion knowledge, and BS concerning how each sales person can decide for themselves how they allow you to use a coupon. Should I mention the general atmosphere of "I could care less" with the sales people? No one ever has a clue as to exactly what the promos are. My catalog was yanked away from me and thrown in a trash can not letting me use one of the coupons! Yes, I have complained through the survey on my receipt.
    I am NEVER setting foot in an ULTA again. I have had NOTHING but negative things to say about this entire company.

  • Lo
      6th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    i have worked for ulta for almost four years at two different store's. communication amongst GM's and there associates is pretty much non existent. and rp55 is right that the girls never know what the promo's are or if we ever carried them to begin with lol check outs take forever and a day finding a manager on the floor lol not gonna happen but you can find them in the office ALWAYS. "I could care less" attitude is true and its like that because so much is expected of these girls like meeting and exceeding goals helping five different people at once while the only other two girls on the floor are doing the same thing and they get nothing for it in return maybe a pat on the back and there hours cut WOW way to keep up the morale GO Ulta corporate. how about sales bonus's or commission plus hourly. steady schedules and hours might help not four this week and 18 hours next week.

  • Al
      17th of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    lets talk about how rude the district managers are that are supose to represent the ulta corporate..i went to two stores while visiting my friend in ny long island...levittwn store associates are sooo rude...the have no customer service experience at all and the store manager wow were did she get her business exper? wrking at a restaurtant lol...than i went to carel place...all the associates were great and they were very helpfull even the manager said hello to me...i coudnt help to tell the team about the experience i had a t levittown ulta...the gm gave me a 5 coupon at carel place to say sorry and please shop here with us, she made me feel so much better, ...but nw i heard they are closing why?

    i called the ny market dm and she was sooo rude...and basically did not care that levittown was rude to me...and had no heart the the great helpful associates were loosing there jobs..

  • Ne
      11th of May, 2010
    +1 Votes



    ULTA Cosmetics Executive Office
    1135 Arbor Drive
    Romeoville, ILL 60446-1174

    Re: ULTA Terrible Customer Service

    Dear ULTA:

    I was looking for a Bare Minerals Item that was temp. out of stock in Sephora, Montgomery Mall, Bethesda, MD.

    I don't usually shop at Ulta, but thought to give it a try, so I called the Rockville, MD store on Saturday, May 8th during regular business hours and there was no answer. I called again 2 more times. in the next hour. No answer.

    Next day, I called again. "Yes" I was informed the, the item is in stock.

    I came into the Rockville, MD Store tonight Monday May 10, 2010 at 8:30pm looking for the Bare Minerals Golden Light Matt Foundation. Only 3 customers were in the store...basically empty. Over the next half hour looking through the store, I was not even greeted once by a staffer! I thought Hmmm, let's actually look at items next to one of them and see if they even offer to help? -Nope. -Tried this with two of the employees. I guess I'm invisible. Tired of this, I just went to the check out. The "Manager" (Iris) asked how everything was. I explained my dissatisfaction. Casually, she said sorry. (She didn't even blink and eye or look me in the eye for that matter). No show of interest in the customer or true customer satisfaction. I asked if it was possible to get a tiny amount to test of the Bare Minerals Face Primer and two (2) shadows. I was told no, and that there was nothing to put it in. I asked again to be sure. "You have nothing that I can put a tiny amount in, to try the primer"? "No she replied". I politely explained that was not very good customer service & asked for the District Manager's telephone number. She wouldn't give it to me and told me everything had to go to the Head Store GM first. OK, so I guess we are playing "Gate-keeper here". She told me some ridiculous story that the employees have to go to to speak to a District Manager as well. (HUH)??? Now, this is total BS. She's telling me the employees do not have the telephone number of their District Manager? I explained that this has got to be untrue and again, asked for Iris to telephone the Head GM and get the number, which she refused.

    On the way out, I happened to bump into another Employee and asked if they had tiny empty containers like "Sephora" so a customer can get a sample of something. "Sure"! She said. Here...she went to the make-up station and so kindly took out a few empty containers with tops & gave me the little samples I had orig. asked for. Thinking maybe she was new (?) I asked her how long she had worked there. She responded that she had worked there a few years. I showed the Manager, "Iris" on the way out. -"Thought you didn't have any empty containers I asked"? She said it was only for the Estheticians. "OK, I said, but you obviously knew you had them. You lied to me, you didn't offer for me to see one of your Estheticians to get it, or to come back tomorrow. You were just plain unhelpful. period".

    Obviously, for ULTA, making a customer happy is not your method of selling. In case you didn't know, customers go into a make-up store to feel good. I left feeling not so good. Very Unhappy as a matter of fact! I am used to a retailer with happy sweet and knowledgeable professionals that show real concern for their customers happiness and satisfaction. -That's why I always shopped at SEPHORA. I have always been treated so nicely there.

    After thinking about this experience, I think I will take back my purchase to your store for a refund and buy it on-line a I would rather order it on-line and wait, than give my hard earned money to your company.

    Oh, and by the way, the nice women at Sephora gave me a coupon to get free shipping too, because they were out of the product. -Now, that's good customer service!

    Your reply is appreciated, along with the name and contact information for the Executive Office, so that I may address my concerns to Mr. Chuck Rubin. COO, ULTA Cosmetics.

    A Valuable Customer

  • Am
      3rd of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have had bad experiences at ulta the worst one was when I went in to buy Redken's butter treat I didn't even have a coupon I just anted to buy it but there were none on the shelves so I asked one of the sales girls nicely if there were any in the back because I wanted to buy 2 of them and she replied with yea we got a box in yesterday and when I asked her if she could get me two bottles she replied with no I am not going back there to go through the box to get two bottles I am too busy you can come back in 2 days when we put out more stock. Which fine I could see if you were really too busy but there was one other customer in the store and no one was doing anything she then went and sat behind the register with two other girls and just waited there while there was no line of customers waiting to be checked out.
    Now on the other hand I love Sephora I would rather pay full price at Sephora and actually get help for example I was there looking at 2 lip glosses and couldn't decide and so one of the sales girls opened the tubes for me to try it out and see which one looked best on me. They always go out of their way to try and help you even if you are just looking. Just for their attitudes and actually caring about their customers they now have a customer for life.

  • De
      11th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    Its funny how you "valuable costumers" are so quick to talk about these girls working at ulta when you cant begin to imagine how many cheap, rude [censor]es come through those doors daily. STOP comparing ulta to sephora, if you would just do some reaserch you would know that ulta has been aroud far much longer than sephora has and cotinues to flourish. If so many people hate this store then stop going in there and using their coupons. Yes, you can olny use them on certain products, but they do allow you to use coupons on pro hair products (love to see the day sephora does that!). And regarding the samples Ulta is not as sample giving store and either should sephora be, all they are doing is giving out free product to cheap costumers who keep coming back for more "samples" and never buying the damn thing. Ulta also does not do your makeup for free. Sephora is willing to do your make up make you look descent for a few hours and sells you a bunch of product that is only going to look good if you personally know how to apply it. At Ulta you might not get a 5 minute makeover but what you will get is knowlegde. At my near home locations, most of the girls are makeup artists but also estheticians, they are able to look at the back of a product read the ingredients ad tell me why it is good for my skin or why i should be looking at something else. They dont just smile and say "THAT FOUNDATION LOOKS GREAT ON YOU, HOW MANY DO YOU NEED?!). I rather have a girl who knows what shes talking about and isnt sooooooo fake and "friendly" that some sugar coated little tart that kisses your [censor] so you walk out with at least two products in your hand. And although Sephora does not work on commission they do recieve monthly bonuses for meeting their montly goals. (and you wonder why they seem to give a S*** about you ). And no Ulta does not work on commision either. Regarding customer service suck it up people what happened to the good old days when the vendor was someone who had somethig your needed and you were the person who either had or didnt have enough money to get what you want...stop being so damn cheap! And stop complaining Ulta has plenty of valuable customers that gladly shop there and most know the girls by name...a few sourpusses are just like a piece of lint on Ultas shoulders. (much love for sephora also, just happened to be they only comparison)

  • Co
      25th of Mar, 2011
    0 Votes

    I have worked at Ulta for nearly two years now. I work at a lower traffic store so we have issues on both sides. MY managers are typically very good about hiring friendly customer service oriented people and if someone isn't as friendly they tend to get far few hours. Anyways my side of the story at my store is I cashier and work in the prestige department. When I am on registers people often come and as me for help finding a product or a color match, etc. I always oblige and do it but it does cause problems because when I am pulled away from the registers to help someone (and typically there is only one person scheduled on registers at a time) people end up waiting at the cash wrap to be checked out and I feel awful having to leave the person I am trying to help every few minutes and feel bad making the people trying to check out wait. My point is, there is a problem at Ulta with scheduling. Hours are always being cut especially when sales goals aren't met. I urge all of you to please contact the corporate office and let them know that there never seems to be enough staff in the store between helping with makeup and checking out. I get so stressed out not being able to help everyone. And if someone comes to the registers asking if we have a product, we are never supposed to leave the sales floor (meaning go in the back room to check) and I always do anyways but my managers get upset. I really think there should always be 2-3 people non-management available to help our customers. I want every person to leave happy but I simply cannot make it all happen myself. Most of the managers at my store are very friendly and customer-service oriented but there are some that stay in the back all day doing God knows what when I could really use help on the floor. You can also go to and fill out a survey about your local store letting them know about your issues. I understand all of your complaints being a customer as well. I am lucky to work at a very friendly store but I have been in the Woodlands, Tx location and the Willowbrook, Tx location and received terrible service from rude girls.

  • Lp
      27th of Jun, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have been at Ulta for three years. I am a firm believer in genuine, friendly customer service, but there are plenty of people that make that extremely diffcult. Working in the retail world gives you an extremely broad taste of humanity. Ulta is not a discount store and so many people seem to think that it is. Ulta is also not Sephora. I am a Sephora lover, but I appreciate the differences.

    In reference to the coupons - Ladies, the reason that so many items are excluded from the coupons has nothing to do with Ulta as a company. The brands that are excluded do not accept coupon discounts. If Ulta was to discount those products without permission, the brand companies will not pay Ulta. The same goes for the Beauty Club reward points. Fragrance providers have approved certain fragrances (under $45) to qualify as reward gifts. If an Ulta associate deducts $45 from a $65 fragrance, the fragrance vendor will not pay for the product. Ulta loses $65. They do not make $20. This goes for hair products, body lotions, personal care appliances and anything else with a set price. Repeated abuse of policies similar to that will tear apart Ulta's contracts with product providers.

    As for you disgruntled customers - Ulta cares about their customers. If you have a sub par store in your area, I promise you are not seeing Ulta as a whole. There are plenty of gem stores around the country and Ulta tries to make all of their locations a pleasure to shop at. Please keep in mind the phrase, 'When the cat's away...'.

    Samples - It is not Ulta policy to give samples. Customers abuse them and don't return to purchase them. We provide ample opportunity for you to test our high end products and have a relatively flixble return/exchange policy. The cups with lids that Ulta has are for use in salon skin treaments. They are not a sampling aid. If one associate provides you with a sample, that is their personal decision/risk. The only time I have provided a shopper a sample was when we were out of stock on a product and I knew for a fact that the client would return to purchase the item. The testers in Ulta are for you to try and wear around and see if it is something you would like to purchase or consider. Do not be upset if you're denied a sample. It is a gift, not a policy.

    I have been a disgruntled shopper and have often been an abused worker. Please consider all sides of the situation. Women that I know and work with at Ulta are educated and bright and generally care about shoppers and beauty. We are not your personal shoppers or your work horses. We do not work retail because we didn't go to school or because we aren't smart enough to be a lawyer. In the next few years I will be an M.D. I work at Ulta because I love it and I love what it stands for.

    Please don't abuse us or approach with the attitude that we are pathetic servants and we will provide knowledge to you and help you to feel empowered.

  • Sh
      8th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes

    Last evening my friend and I visited the Ulta store in Gresham, Oregon. The Employee #1 came up to us at closing time and told us (ver rudely) to put our stuff down or go purchase them. We apologized for not realizing it was closing time (we didn't hear any announcmenets, only the store music) and immediately headed to the cashier to purchase our items. As we passed Employee #1, she began making rude, verbally abusive comments about us. On the way to the front, my friend mentioned to me in passing that she had wanted to purchase a curling iron. Employee #2 overheard my friend and, since there was a line in front of us, offered to go grab the iron. Employee #1 then told Employee #2 "you will NOT get if for her, i already told her (my friend) to purchase her items and leave". At that moment we had had enough of her unkind treatment and chose not to purchase ANY items. We walked out of the store at 9:02pm as other customers were still being checked out. I understand that employees work long, hard days but there was NO excuse for being treated in such a manner. It was my first, and now last, time in Ulta. I cannot believe that anyone would treat another human being like the way Employee #1 treated us. I had heard that Ulta was a great store, but after the treatment I received I'm not sure I can say the same.

  • Om
      7th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    I absolutely love Ulta. I visit Ulta's in a lot of other states as i travel a lot for business. In every store it's like shopping with a sister. I don't really know how it works in all Ulta stores but in my "home" store in Woodbury, MN i am in there so much that the girls know me by name as well as i know them; i've never had a problem getting a sample, a make over or heck i often call and ask them to hold my items behind the counter so i just have to run in and back out when i'm in a hurry. Ulta is my favorite place to go to shop... it's too bad that those sweet girls don't get commision!

  • Mr
      10th of Jan, 2012
    -1 Votes

    Hey I am a guy and I work at ulta. I actually love being employed there because of the "special attention" I receive from the ladies. From a employee point of view, there are a lot of unfair, rude, & mean customers that are super demanding and wants everything their way. I say that we spoil customers badly with the stupid return policy we have. COME ON 60 days to return a product?? That's more than enough time to use up a product and claim that it doesn't work. I say that's the main reason why we never make budget because people always returning.

  • Fe
      11th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    I do not like how they let some employees do what ever they want and not do there job and one of the managers does completely nothing not sure how she did get moved up to her position every other manager over excels at there job but this manager is lazy and favors certain employees. I loved my job and the customers but they need to get there act together, They also need to get rid of there prestige manager and then it would be a better place to work, ,

  • Fe
      11th of Feb, 2012
    +1 Votes

    I think I know who you are talking about I worked there too she is a red head right? Alyssa I tried a few years back complaining about her no use i think she is a relative of somebody because to say the truth she never cracks a smile...she has to be the worse manager...I go in there and am so glad i am out of that place. She knows someone in the company so do not bother saying anythin we tried to talk to the management and they do not care they would rather go through 1000 of employees. They can not keep any employees for more then 1 year unless they go in management because they treat them bad the other managers ok. well best your out...

  • Ra
      15th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    I will not be shopping Ulta anymore. I used to shop Mall of Ga store. They never ever have the things in stock that the average customer buys. Finding an employee to help you is next to impossible. I witnessed a customer who had found a sales person and the clerk was so rude to the poor lady that I decided not to even ask my question. It's past the point of being ridiculous.

    My biggest problem is ruining the carpets in my home because Ulta's automatic eye liner pencil had broken off yet again...not from rolling it out too far...and I couldn't fine it until I realized I had tracked it all over my house from the bottom of my bedroom slipper. I have not been able to get it out of my carpets...BTW, I can't tell you how many times I've had to return the automatic eyeliner pencil because of the point breaking off.

    Totally done with Ulta.

  • Cg
      1st of May, 2012
    0 Votes

    Had quite enough of the managers in Augusta ME location. One in particular, Stephanie, is useless. Between the lack of professionalism, demeaning the young employees in front of customers, bad attitude to customers, and the ''eye rolling'', well, I and friends will not return ever. If I feel the need to use Ulta, I will go to S Portland or go back to Sephora. I will say that I never saw such a lack of professionalism at Sephora, so why not go back there? I knew it was too good to be true that Augusta ME could handle customers with respect and friendly knowledgeable service. Its not the regular employees either, its the so called management, just one or two of them. The rest are fine...friendly and polite. Maybe they could train some of the upper employees!!! There is a young man that was working and was wonderful, friendly and helpful!

  • Ul
      25th of Feb, 2013
    -1 Votes


  • Le
      26th of Mar, 2013
    0 Votes

    Worst place to work at. I just recently quit Ulta. Due to so many reasons. 1. Managers are so unprofessional. 2. They favor their employees. 3. Working one day out of the week to no hours at all...reason for that, short on hours BS! Other girls were getting hours! 4. Schedule didn't come out till Friday or Sat, couldn't plan for anything. 5. Promise a raised, didn't get that. When asked why? Short on hours...BS! 6. Promise a set schedule, didn't get that either. 7.Requesting days off wasn't guaranteed at all...after being told that if no one request it off then you'll get it. WRONG! 8. Dealing with people's mess/trash...closing team never throws their trash out! Come in the next morning and have to deal with it. 9. When working a 4 hour shift, there will be times where we got no breaks at all (has happen many times). 10. Getting sent home after working 2 hours. Is that legal? I thought it was at least 3 hours...and they only send certain girls home (favoritism) Is this discrimination? It's not worth staying..

  • Ul
      4th of May, 2013
    +2 Votes

    I've worked at ULTA for many many years now. It is a great company. I am sorry for any customer who receives bad service. However, if you have a LEGITIMATE complaint, I guarantee you the fellow GMs, like myself, will do whatever they can to rectify the situation. We have a great rewards program that's a great incentive, free btw to sign up, and once you have usable points, those can be used on your items the regular coupons do not. There are also 20% coupons sent to loyalty members that are also usable on items the $3.50/reg 20% off coupons do not. Another reason samples in unlabeled jars are NOT handed out is because it is a liability. There are no directions, ingredients, etc on the bottle. Telling you before you leave makes no difference, it is supposed to be on the bottle! You can try many items without purchasing, but YOU need to make your own time to do so. However testers on most prestige brands are available. I always suggest trying something for a day with our testers, and then if you like it, then purchase the item. I again apologize for any bad customer service any have received in the past, but again I suggest reaching out to the GM to rectify the situation. That is what we are there for. For lack of assistance on the sales floor, go to the register counter and kindly AK for assistance. You never know, an associate could be on their break or someone called out. And sometimes you just may have to wait. Unfortunately hours are difficult to come by, but again if you are patient AND NICE, you should receive that back.

  • Cc
      16th of Oct, 2014
    0 Votes

    I know someone who got a job at the Ulta in Macedonia, OH. She was promised hours. She worked maybe a month and then she along with many others just weren't on the schedule anymore. No phone call, no nothing. They hired too many people for the grand opening and now don't have enough hours to give others. To the GM who claimed management works thing out, management is the problem. I've shopped there. There is nothing but kids running this place. Nobody much over 18. I am a woman in my mid 50s. I don't want or need a bunch of clueless giggly teenagers helping me. They know nothing!!! They don't hire anyone over 20 and discriminate it seems. They encouraged me to take the Ulta survey. Fine. I go online, start taking it, then I get a message saying thank you but we are no longer taking surveys. WTF? This co. is a joke! I saw these young girls applying their own makeup, staring in the mirrors, standing around chatting with each other, giggling etc. No one knew why they don't sell any Chanel perfumes, they know nothing about the skin care brands. Asked about new bare Escentuals makeup and the girl said don't buy it, its not very good. I asked her if she used it and she said no never. Now what the hell??? What is wrong with their management? My friend said they don't get breaks unless they ask for them. And Sephora gives samples. I asked for a sample and the girl said I don't know if we do that. She asked someone who didn't know either. Then someone else said no. Screw it, save yourself the hassles and just go to Sephora. Who does have Chanel no. 5! Oh and on the grand opening the mgr. said oh, we had coupons but we walked over to the Regal Cinemas and gave them away. Really? You wouldn't keep the coupons there in the store for your new customers? Unreal.

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