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1 Bowling Green, KY, United States

To: Jim Johnson & Hyundai dealership,
On November 28, 2007 I looked at a Hyundai Sonata at Jim Johnson Hyundai dealership. I asked if the 4 cylinder came with factory installed heated leather seats. I was informed that they do not by Jim Mora but the dealership could provide this service through Coles in Bowling Green, KY without any problem. I purchased the vehicle with 2.9% interest special rate. I took my car in Tuesday Dec 4, 2007 for the leather seats/warmers to be installed. I picked my car up on Dec 7th. On Dec 12th I called to inform Mr. Mora the warmer on the passenger side did not work & he told me he had just gotten a call on another vehicle & he had checked with Coles who told him they could not apply the warmer to the passenger side due to the child weight safety sensor. I told him this was unacceptable. He then stated he would check on this and return my call. He did not call me back so I went to the dealership on Dec 17th. I talked to Mr. Mora without satisfaction & then talked to the manager Dave about this problem. The manager asked me if I would be interested in a cash rebate to satisfy me in which I stated no I wanted the warmer fixed on my seat or a new car, a sonata limited, & the deal I had, rewound. I was then told to give them a day to see if they could get someone to fix the seat. I agreed & left. On Dec 27th Mr. Mora called to tell me Coles would fix the seat & could I bring it in Monday Dec 31st & then recalled to say Mon Jan 7th. I returned Mr. Mora’s called to ask they put into writing there would not be a warranty issue with the seat. He stated there would not be & yes they would put it into writing. On Jan 7th I took my car in, while there I decided to talk to the manager to double check about the warranty & statement & Dave informed me they would put into writing about the warranty but I would have to put into writing I approve sensor being disconnected. I declined & let him know I wanted a different car to replace mine. He offered a Nissan Altima at 3yr lease option in which I declined because that is not what I bought. January 10, 2008 I went in to talk to the manager again since he would not return my calls about the problem. He would not offer me the same interest rate as the rate I paid for in the beginning, he would get me a new car if I wanted to pay 6.99% & $393 a month which includes a $2500 rebate because Hyundai did not offer the same deals now. So I am stuck & must take the $700 & 1st payment offer with a car that has only one seat warmer.
I do not think this is good business practice because they did not fulfill their promise of contract. I also feel they deliberately slowed the ability to correct the problem so I would not be able to get the same rate & therefore would have no choice but to keep the car. Now if I break the deal they threatened to put my loan into repossession status even though when the problem was recognized the interest special was still into effect. I was told the past is the past & to get over it. I assure you, I will advertise for this dealership from this day forth to all BGMU employees, WKU employees & students, & to anyone who will listen. This letter will also be posted on the Sonata complaint board website, & the new WKBO area website. You want satisfied customers & word of mouth advertisement; I will help you out as a personal favor. My case #3189844 regarding this matter with Hyundai
With warm regards,
Robin Baize

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