Imran Rafique, web design / Scam

1 Birmingham, England, West Midlands, United Kingdom
Contact information:
Phone: 0780 667 2348

I worked with Imran Rafique for a while and after meeting him I found that he was a freelance web designer. I was in need of a website myself and, despite my initial concerns of Imran Rafique's personal hygiene, after taking his business card and browsing his website, decided to hire him to build me a property website. Mr Rafique wanted a deposit upfront so I paid him £100 of the £400 he quoted for the full design. Since I worked with the guy I didn't think anything of handing the money over to him. He told me he would make a start as soon as he was given a deposit but once I had paid him he did not do a single thing for two weeks and I just kept getting excuse after excuse. At this point I had clocked on and realised that I had been taken for a fool because it was apparent that Imran rafique was a liar and did not know as much about web design as he had let on. After quizzing him about his design Ideas and plans for my site he didn't have a clue what he was talking about and at this point I knew I wasn't going to get my site so I asked for a refund but he got offended and accused me of insulting him. He had not done a single page or draft of my site and yet started moaning about how much time he had already spent on it "doing research" apparently, yet he had nothing to show for it. I told him I would give him one more week and if he hadn't done anything by then I wanted my money back. He agreed, four days later he was fired from the company we worked at and, as predicted, he did not deliver anything and I never heard from the Pakistani again.
He told me he was just getting started as a freelancer so I thought I was helping him out by offering him work. His company is not even registered as a LTD company in the UK. On WHOis his website is registered under a false address in the Bahamas somewhere which I find suspicious.
He showed me two websites which he claimed he had designed as examples of his work. When I later contacted the website owners they had never heard of ###. In the few weeks that I had got to know him I realised how unintelligent he was and incapable of designing anything let alone a website. He is hideously Ugly, hairy and has extremely bad Body Odor ***STAY AWAY FROM IMRAN RAFIQUE WEB DESIGNER BASED IN BIRMINGHAM, ENGLAND UK***
He used the excuse of his grandfather dieing twice in a row one week after the first time, clearly a [censored]er if I ever did meet one!
Imran Rafique is a conman AVOID this little piece of ### at all costs you will be sorry.

Mar 16, 2014

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