Impression Inkjet / Fraud and lies

1 United States

I recently bought four remanufactured Lexmark replacement ink cartridges from Impression Inkjet (Ebay Seller: Impressionsales). Impression Inkjet advertises its ink cartridges are 100% guaranteed with a one year warranty. Two of the ink cartridges I received did not print properly, so I followed their return instructions and waited to receive my two replacement cartridges. More than six email messages and eight phone calls later, I am still waiting.

Impression Inket will not respond to my messages or return my phone calls. And I am out the cost of two ink cartridges. When I first saw its advertisement, I noticed that Ebay feedback for impressionsales included a number of negative comments. I ignored those negative comments (and the little voice in the back of my head), thinking there are so many positive comments that I should have no problem with my purchase. How wrong I was!

BUYERS BEWARE: Once Impression Inkjet/impressionsales sucks you in and has your money, you no longer exist to them. Do yourself a favor and listen to this little voice: Do not buy from Impression Inket or Ebay seller Impressionsales.


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