Imposter City, Inc.defective sunglasses

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Sunglass frame broke in two pieces above right lense after one wearing. Company refused to replace. Obviously defective and poor quality product. Screws did not match. May have been returned once before for defect and then resold. Non-responsive customer service. President of company has yet to address my phone calls and e-mails.


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      Sep 07, 2009

    Never buy anything like that on the internet. Unless its a well known company that also has stores as well, then its not a good idea. If you buy something at walmart, or sunglass hut websites for example, you can take them back to an actual store if you have any issues. This website pretends to sell these name brand glasses but they are all fakes. Everyone would be better off buying glasses from those cheap little kiosks in the mall. Atleast if they break, you know where to take them to and who to yell at. Why would someone pay top dollar for expensive glasses? Probably because the lenses aren't real "lenses". They are just plastic that hasn't been filtered and has no true uv protection built in. My plastic soda bottle is made of better material. In fact, these glasses are so cheap and of poor quality that they can actually harm your eyes and vision even worse. Looking through a lousy material like that all day can greatly strain the eyes and cause headaches. Its just not worth it. There's a reason sunglasses can be expensive. ALot of technology goes into the lenses to protect the eyes and it costs more than twenty dollars a pop to make create these items for people.

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      Sep 30, 2009

    I dissagree, I've had good experience with this company before. I've bought twice from them.. the first time I had them replaced and the second time they lasted a good few months before I sat on them by mistake. You're right in that they are plastic but all glasses are, aren't they?

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