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Imperial Outdoor Living / Poor product support and quality

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I purchased a BBQ island from these guys at a home show in Tucson a few years back. Ever since it was new, it's fallen apart several times. It's cover didn't last but a month, it's igniters and knobs broke and it even caught the front on fire once. I have been promised so many times by my salesman that he would send out replacement parts, but have never seen a one. I'd love for Phil Bovard to call me, but nobody answers the phone and now it appears disconnected. It's been a long painful lesson, but hopefully Phil can still make good with my BBQ.



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N  4th of Apr, 2007 by 
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Imperial Outdoor Living - Bad service
United States

Late 2006 received a call from Imperial stating that they were changing owners and this would delay the production of my BBQ but that when it was manufactured we would receive and upgraded model. We had already paid 1/2 of the price. Now, 6 months later they no longer exist and we are out $3000.
A  28th of Mar, 2008 by 
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DEALMAX scammed me, too. I had bnever authorized a "membership" and knew nothing about them until a mysterious $19.95 charge appeared on my credit card. How they got my CC number I do not know. Trying to get ahold of them to cancel or speak to someone on the phone has been impossible. These charges would continue monthly, except that I cancelled the credit card just to halt this scam. It is unnerving when something like this can happen.
A  28th of Mar, 2008 by 
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N  2nd of Jun, 2009 by 
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Imperial Outdoor Living - Bad service
Imperial Outdoor Living
United States

I put a $1, 000 down paymet for a M-3000 BBQ Island at a home show in Las Vegas, in anticipation of needing something for the new house we were buying. I had previously ordered and received this same Island previously at a house I owned a couple years ago. I just so happened to find this same deal represented at this particular home-spa show. I really had no reservations about them due to my prior experience.
I subsequently moved into the new house and was in the process of getting everything that goes along with this done, such as patio, patio cover, window coverings, flooring etc. I had received a call from Imperial Outdoor living and advised that they were offering incentives to get my order "in production". This amounted to a couple hundred dollars. I decided to go forward with getting it into production and provided the particulars with regards to color, tile, etc. I provided half of the outstanding balance as was required for starting production.
The delivery was supposed to be in August and I received a call advising the there was going to be a delay. I didn't really complain too much about this as my patio wasn't poured and ready for the BBQ Island yet. It was supposed to be delivered in September. I subsequently received a call advising that the company was merging with another company and they had to put a hold on all production until this was completed, but I would be receiving a call and keeping me informed. I did in fact receive another two calls. One was advising me of this "merge" and apologizing for the inconvenience, as well as informing me that I would be contacted and offered some sort of compensation for the delay. The next call I received offered me a couple options to compensate and I was supposedly to receive a set of pull out drawers, which amounted to about $250.
After this I never received any further calles. I had a ton of stuff going on with the new house and it was winter, so the backyard BBQ wasn't really a priority. I later tried to call Imperial Outdoor Living after returning from vacation in the end of January or beginning of February of 2008. There was a recorded message indicating that they were closed for the "holidays" and wouldn't be back until January 8th. It was well beyond the 8th and the recorded was full so I was unable to even leave a message.
The reason for this post is that we just received a letter from Phil Bovard, CFO, claiming that basically due to a slow down in the housing market, which was normal for the Winter time, but didn't pick back up this spring as anticipated, pretty much forced them to go out of business. There was no mention of this "merge" I was told about. Even if this was the case, my BBQ was scheduled for delivery last Fall, well before the "slow down" of winter noted in his letter. I have the sneaking suspicion that this company was in trouble well before they made out and continued to take orders and down payments, even going as far as contacting people to entice them to pay more money to get their ordered BBQ's into production, as they did with me. This type of stuff goes on so much, and I have definately had my share of it, but it just makes me so angry that these people and companies continue to get away with it, with no regard for the victims of they ripped off.
I am not sure what if any options are available to me and the other people who put money down and now appears will not only not get the BBQ they ordered, but we won't even get our money returned. IF anyone has any ideas please let me know

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