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A year ago I was thinking about going to the Bahamas for a vacation, the very next day I received in the mail a '$1200 voucher' to go on a cruise/hotel stay in Florida. I called thinking that it was perfect timing. They tried very hard to sell us a 'vacation upgrade' for a one night longer cruise stay. We were already at budget so I turned them down.

It all sounded fine on the phone and I booked it. I wasn't sure about it all and they said that they would send a dvd which they did with the vacation pack. The only problem was they sent someone else's vacation pack.

I called back and they didn't know who I was. They already charged my credit card $895. I was concerned and told them I wanted my money back. They of course wouldn't give it to me and said they would send another packet. 4 months later and 4 calls in to them I did actually receive it.

I watched it and wasn't too happy with the quality of hotels. I mailed in the cancellation form (within 1 day of filing, I legally have 3 days within receiving if there is a misrepresentation) saying that it was not of the quality that I expected. Of course, they would not give it to me, but offered many upgrades, including rental car.

Eventually I show up to Florida (worried of course that they wouldn't know who I was) but they did. The rental car place never heard of my upgrade and the company of course never sent me any of the upgrades. (Alamo being the good company they are upgraded my car for free anyways).

After being at the hotel for 2 days my wife and I are ready to go on the cruise the next morning. We are sitting in the hot tub and we overhear a conversation about their cruise being canceled. Turned out it was ours! It was 10 PM the night before the cruise and we were never notified about the cruise cancellation.

They said they just found out that day that the cruise ship was going to Texas to aid the hurricane victims. The hurricane was 3 weeks before our cruise. They tried saying that it was such a great thing for them to do, but of course the govt is paying them top dollar to do that. In the mean time they say they have 2 options for us that we will like (um, yeah right): 1) come back and do the vacation again later (we already flew across the country, time off work, and were standing in their office); 2) upgrade to a $170 more expensive vacation. This was the same upgrade we refused before for being too expensive.

I told them I wanted my money back for they were not giving us the contract that we were promised. They continually said that they only had 2 options for us and those were it. I told them I was giving them 2 options: 1) give us the price they promised; 2) give me my money back. They did not like my options.

Given that we had already flown across the country the only choice was to take the upgrade. The new days of the cruise cut Orlando out except for 1 night (2 nights originally). Forced to stay in crappy Ft. Lauderdale an extra day.

Of course when we show up in Orlando, they don't know who we are and after 30 minutes of arguing with them they finally call the other place and confirm who we are.

What a nightmare. All of the places individually were great (Ramada in both places, Norwegian Cruise line), just the company ruined it overall.

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  • Br
      Mar 23, 2009
    Imperial Majesty Cruise Vacations - Awful experience
    Imperial Majesty Cruise Vacations
    United States

    My husband(90) and I made reservations for March 10, 2009 for the Bahama cruise. My husband, LeRoy had a stroke on Feb. 9th verified by the doctor and was unable to make the trip. Several days after LeRoy was hospitalized, I canceled the trip. The company wanted verification from the doctor and this was done. Yesterday, March 3rd I received my Visa statement and we had been charged $198 twice for Ramada Inn and $110 for the car rental. When I called them today, they told me the money was not refundable, but, we could take the trip sometime before January 2010 and it would be paid for. We had already paid them $798 in the beginning for expenses and when I asked what the two $198 were for, he said 'port fees.' When they had quoted that price to me earlier it was $50 apiece. They said in the contract it was stated non refundable. I searched but could find nothing indicating this to be true. In fact, they wrote in their 'terms and Conditions' #8. Notice of cancellations or changes to a continued reservation must be received at least 14 days prior to your scheduled arrival date. Failure to cancel or reschedule at least 14 days prior to arrival or no shows will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

    We feel we have truly been scammed as we spent $1302 to them and have nothing to show for it. It is highly unlikely we will even be able to take the trip.

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  • Al
      Mar 23, 2009
    Imperial Majesty Cruise Vacations - Scam and cheating
    Imperial Majesty Cruise Vacations
    United States

    I got the offer in the mail, and it sounded like a good deal so I called them and I agreed to purchase a vacation package for a deposit price of $99. Only after I paid the $99 did they give me the horrible details of the vacation and all of the extra costs that would be included. They made the vacation sound soo simple and such a good deal, but then when I realized that it was a rip off they said it was a non refundable deposit. Also the vacation invitation was in my boyfriends name even though I called they had no problem taking my $ and allowing me to book the reservation.

    Then finally I got a man to agree to refund me my $, and he said that I would get a post card in the mail confirming that I would receive my refund. I received that post card then forgot to check my credit card to make sure they refunded me my $.

    A few months later I found my post card and then checked my credit card and realized that they never gave me a refund!! I called and they would not talk to me because the vacation invitation was not in my name even though I paid for it and set it up. They also said that it is my fault for not calling sooner so now they cant do anything about it. I have never been so cheated by a supposed 'legit' company!!! they claim to be with Carnival cruise lines, but carnival doesn't even have a ship by that name!! If you get something from Imperial Majesty, throw it away!!! Do not waste your time or money!!

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  • Mi
      Nov 23, 2009

    I have sued these guys twice now for their deceptive practices. Email me at [protected] as I am interested in speaking with you.

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  • Th
      Mar 25, 2010
    Imperial Majesty Cruise Vacations - Awful experience

    they called about a cruise for two, cost $489 . we agreed . two years later they called, and said we still oue $889 . if we do not pay we will not be able to take the cruise . the said they have already taken the money from visa . thia compeny is a ripoff

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