Impact Knowledge Institute Utah SCAM / SCAMMED FOR $17,000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 St George, NB, United States
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SCAMMED FOR $17, 000!!! Im an expatriot. I live in many places through the world, moving often. I was called and called back in August 2013. They convinced me to pay them $1000 on my credit card as a down payment and the rest was a finance loan. I have to pay for more than 5 years this loan! I worked with My Coach Melonie Campos. SHe was very nice, but not too helpful. I was told that my coach would get my website built quickly and loaded with products. THAT DID NOT HAPPEN! After becoming frustrated, I decided to lookup Melanie and found her "expert" background was that she worked at Walmart for 4 years as a Cashier!!! SO here complete "expert" background (which was supposed to enable her to teach me everything I needed to become a successfull Internet businessman was the following:

2002: Graduated from Pine View High School
[protected]: Cashier/CSM - Walmart: CSM - Handle cash, managed cashiers and front end
[protected]: Cashier - Walmart: Rang up people, answered questions2011-Present: Business Coach - Impact Knowledge Institute: I coach new business owners in how to build and develop their online business. We use eBay and niche websites!

So to summarize: Melanie's "extensive background" in Internet marketing, eBay, and Websites which qualified her to teach people that paid more than $17, 000 is working for Walmart as a cashier!! No wonder it never worked. I called my credit card company and filed a dispute/chargeback, but the company fought me a won becuase they said it was past 3 days. I only had 3 days to cancel. If I had known what I do now I would never have done this!!!

Oct 02, 2014

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