IMP3 DownloadScam

If you happen to run across a site or advertisement for a site called IMP3 Download, steer clear - it is a scam!

The site in question offers free and legal music downloads of over 12 million songs, as well as unlimited DVD downloads, for a one-time fee of $49.90 for both. Well, you know what they say...if it sounds too good to be true...

I signed up for the service, and paid them my $50 through Clickbank. What I got were several links to P2P software which is already available for free (i.e. Limewire, MP3 Rocket, Trusty Files, etc), and I don't think these programs offer the "legal" music downloads advertised by IMP3 Download. What's more, these programs aren't even the "pro" versions, but the basic versions which are available at no charge, so what did I pay $50 for?

When I paid, IMP3 Download (also know as MP3Musiq) sent me a link to a page where I could enter my name and e-mail address, and receive a supposedly "unique" login. What I found was that I could enter any bogus name and e-mail, and get the same "unique" login info. Again, what did I pay for?

Once you supposedly login to their members area, they tell you that you need to download their spyware program before downloading music, so I did, and guess what...the program is unregistered, and they want another $35 to register it (I did not pay it, of course).

I did a little research (which I should have done before the fact), and found that IMP3 Download also operates under a few other names, including:

I immediately contacted their customer support, and the e-mail bounced back (surprise, surprise). My next step is to notify Clickbank that the site is fraudulent and request a refund. If that doesn't work, I'll file a chargeback, since I paid with my Visa card.

Don't get burned by these people. They're crooks!


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