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I want someone who will tell me the truth i was scammed i was told compensation was coming fromundebt office online uk-I was told to write bank in London handling this matter was told FBI is still looking to arrest one on the loose I can not mention names I will complain to FBI-this Nigerian scan ran by a finance minster has taken everything I own Went to send information to bank in London but they return full mail box I trust no one I want someone who can help me with this I want my money back after further research this person in the government it says not to trust i received a letter staing FBI is still looking to arrest one but does not say when What can they do in Nigeria anything i have wrote UN they sent information for bank in London like I said it always bounces back mailbox full is there anyone who know who to file complaint with-I have read up the last few days on person for a government offical it is not good please any information on where to turn would be greatly appreciate-This person has scammed more than 1 person yet Nigerian government does nothing I was hoping UN would losing faith here Down and out MLBs

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