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I was stupid enough to fall for their BS ok. Whats worse is that me and my family had been looking for a way to get ahead in life. There is me, my fiance, and my twin daughters and 2 month old son. And we had been having trouble with finances so I decided to look for a way out of it. I found this crap and I didnt have the money to pay for it... thats right I lost my fiance's money. It hurt her me and my family because that was money we could have used. it let me do the day one training guide and video and other stuff it had there then went i went to log back on to the site suddenly it kept telling me that the site was non existing. So I went back to my email because you know how they send the email to you about your confirmation... well i went back to see if i typed it in wrong or something (by the way I keep all email for business purposes) and it was magicaly gone. Im not going to get into how much we spent because thats not every one elses business but now I cant even get the money back like it said we could do if we were not satisfied. There has to be something we as a group of people who have been scammed can do about this someone please help me here is my email for contact about any information or ways you can help me... [protected]

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  • Gr
      Jun 09, 2009

    I don't know what trouble you had but so far they have sent me everything they said they would

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  • Cu
      Jun 10, 2009

    Get over yourself you loser... Quit whining and pick yourself up like a real man and take responsibility for your actions. If you spent money without doing proper research it was still YOU that spent the money and NOT someone else making you. There are no guarantees in life... ESPECIALLY when it comes to making money as an entrepreneur. You must be a liberal because you expect someone else to take responsibility for your actions.

    And by the way... I've tried the IMC program and made a bit of money with it, ALTHOUGH the website/products they provide you with are now over-saturated in the market and I don't believe the "insider" info the ol' Mystery Millionaire is sharing is worth the $97 a month.

    Just a little piece of "real" life from a self made successful online entrepreneur that can't stand whiners like yourself.



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  • Ja
      Jun 21, 2009


    You may be a successful internet marketer, however you seem to lack the compassion of a successful human being. And, if you would pay attention to the letter posted in the complaint, you'd see that this gentleman obviously is lacking the skills needed to understand what may have happened to his intenet connection to IMC. This does not excuse you lashing out at a point of view that has been benificial to your own life style. Or, perhaps you enjoy the conservative boot on the neck of free enterprise?

    Live free or die,


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  • Dt
      Jun 23, 2009
    IMC Entourage - Refund Request Denied
    IMC Entourage
    North Carolina
    United States

    I purchased what I thought was a complete business. I was then offered a free, fully functional website for additional $197.00 which came with a written 90 day guarantee which stated that all I had to do was call "Lisa" if I was not completely satisfied and Lisa would issue a refund on the spot no questions asked. I could not call Lisa because I did not have a phone number, so I sent all the items they sent me back via traceable mail, which they received, along with a letter requesting my refund as they guaranteed. I received an email that they received my package that was marked "return to sender" or "undeliverable" (which is not the case as I printed the shipping label myself with delivery confirmation) - they then asked me if it was a mistake and if I wanted it resent to me, if so, to provide an address for them to resend it to me. Then in the next paragraph said that my refund could not be issued because of the reason for the request. Doesn't sound like a "no questions asked" guarantee as stated in the "printed" information I have from the internet. I will not let this rest - my husband was unemployed when I originally ordered this package and they just stole 2 weeks worth of groceries from my family!
    IT IS A SCAM!!! and I won't let this rest until I get my money back. FBI - here I come!

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  • Dt
      Jun 23, 2009

    cubes48 - you need to get over yourself! There are guarantees offered in life - and IMC offered a 90 day -no questions asked guarantee! "Just pick up the phone - ask for your refund and no questions asked - it will be done on the spot!" Yeah right - they don't honor their word which makes them crooks and their business proposal a scam! Legitimate businesses honor their word and do what they say. So Andrew - if you can't get results from them, maybe the FBI (who love scammers who are ripping off God only knows how many people) can help.

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  • Tg
      Jun 23, 2009

    prepare to be driven insane by insomnia.

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  • Jm
      Jun 30, 2009

    i signed up with them a few months ago, although couldn't afford the $270 deal they had, I was refunded everything in a timely manner.

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  • Ha
      Jun 30, 2009

    what are you talking about i have been with them for three months and they are doing exactly what they say, and i have gone to the site numerous times, with no problems, i am a member and they work closely with me, i think you are a person who quits everything before he tries, maybe the webiste was down or someother difficulty, or maybe you are a complainer looking for hush money, with threats of bad publicity, you guys are always looking for a hand out.

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  • In
      Jul 09, 2009

    I'll say this. Jimbo from IMC seems to be a real smooth operator. I'm not saying he is not a nice guy and his system doesn't work, I'm certainly not going to find out using my CC as bait though. A couple of flags went up during day 4 in his training vidoe. #1, The fact that he enters his sister's credit card information because he didn't have his CC handy was very disturbing. This was pre-recorded, not LIVE. Maybe a little preperation in having your wallet handy is in order before shooting your videos. Now I've never claimed to be the sharpest knife in the drawer but I didn't just fall off the turnip truck either and saw something just didn't click here. Someone who claims to spend weekends in $20K per night suites and smoke $100 cigars saying their CC wasn't handy... #2, When going over a site for training purposes, he logs into a site that obviously was not his and even admits that he has logged in numerous times and the owner of the site has made a small fortune off of him doing so. Now, wait a minute. After telling us in the same sentence that he has hundreds of sites up and running, I would think that he would want to show his best work to new students that are going to spend money. My advice.. Just remember your schoolin!!! If it sounds to good to be true, IT IS. I will say that I was able to cancelled my trial membership online with no problems. I can't stress enough, please do your research before commiting to any online opportunity. The soild fact is that 98 out of 100 are scams...

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  • Sh
      Jul 17, 2009

    Wow, thank you guys so much! init4themoney, I agree with you 100% about day 4. Too bad I got all the way up to day 5 to see that you have to use a lot of your own money that you really don't have yet. So I will be canceling tomorrow.

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  • Jo
      Jul 20, 2009

    If you really believe they are crooks here is their information i dont think i should be able to find this information if they were but here you go if they've wronged you then you should be compensated..right???

    Name: Platinum Acquisitions INC
    Phone: (219) 365-0960
    Fax: (312) 803-3530
    Address: 228 W. Lincoln Hwy #133

    Schererville, IN 46375

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  • Cu
      Jul 27, 2009

    I've been in it since they started...please all of you save your money...if he offers you a one on one it would be worth 10.000 but way to many involved and only the ones that get there info out 1ST save your MONEY!


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  • Gr
      Oct 05, 2015

    I'm glad I did a search on this company before sending them any additional money other that the initial $20. I noticed a discrepancy on the info on the "Massive Profits in Sports and Concerts" paperwork. One guy referred to their friendship as knowing each other 12 years and the other guy stated he had known the guy for at least 4 or 5 years on the following page. This was a red flag to me to research more! Sometimes the smallest thing can raise a red flag. I would recommend each one of you that have a negative experience with this company to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau because when I checked there, Platinum Acquisitions, Inc. have an A+ Rating. If I hadn't researched more, I may have invested in this program. Anything I get from them will now go in the trash!

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