ImageLab / Scammed by a scanner

In May I bought a imagelab 35 mm film and slide scanner Model FS9T from Zzounds online. It cost 79.95 plus shipping. Due to illness I didn’t get to scan my slides until now (Nov. 4th) The battery system did not work and the electrical plug is the old stye with equal prongs so it kept falling out of the wall. I had to use a power strip so that gravity held it in. I scanned about 100 slides and the results were awful. I lost 80% of the color and detail on most of the slides. I photograph birds and do nature presentations. I have switched to digital but wanted to save some of the once in a lifetime images that I had on slides.

Here is my problem with both imagelab and Zzounds. Both companies knew that this product does not do what it was advertised to do yet they continue to sell it. I understand that I should have carefully tested it in May when I purchased it so that it would be covered by either the return policy of Zzounds or the warantee of imagelab. My problem is that they sold me a product that did not work knowing that it didn’t work. Neither company seems to feel any responsibility for the false advertising surrounding this product. Beware before purchasing any product from either of these companies.

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