I'm Not A Company / 6-10# charm 14kt yellow gold filled c...

My name is Jackie Hines and I place a order on January 31, 2017 for this produce 6-10# Charm 14kt Yellow Gold Filled C. The order # is 5891673b9e6e492adc7548bf and the tracking # is [protected]. The estimated delivery date was March 6, 2017. I even called the two phones posted on your website and they are [protected] and [protected]. Just to let your company know that I'm very pissed off because I got married on March 12, 2017 without the ring I order from you guy's that was my wedding band you can't imagine how embarrassed I was standing there in front of all the guests that we had there for mine and my husband be and he didn't have the ring to put on my finger for my special day in my life that I won't get that back. So I think you guy's need to send me a new one and as well return my money full. If nothing don't get done I'm turning your so called company into the Better Business Bureau where your company is located and I knew a lot of people that did shop there and know they are refusing to shop you guy's anymore. Sorry you guy's lost a lot of massive business from me and all the people I knew that did a crap load purchases.

I'm Not A Company

Mar 12, 2017

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