ILocal or Reliable Listings / Poor Attitude! No Results!

First of all I want to say that this company is totally SCAM! I called the 'sales rep' that coerced my boss into giving his credit card to the sales guy because all the lovely things he said. My boss doesn't speak or understand English very well and thought this was a good idea-so when he came to the office yesterday he asked me to check out the company in question. I looked up this complaints board and other review boards and found NOT a lot of good feedback about this company. So that morning I called on behalf of my boss to cancel the membership. I contacted Richard who gave my boss his 'cell phone number' and got a beep at the 6th ring? Was that a voicemail? No talking just a beep-So I left a message saying who I was and that I would need a call back. So what does the creep do-he calls my boss’ phone number and tells him to see the results that he is promising would take a couple more days and that he needs to wait it out also he said why are you listening to a woman-they don’t know anything...UM OK! Richard got his regional manager Julio to call my cell and try to get me to tell my boss to stay. I said you have got to be crazy, and then he started with the business talking. Ugh I got so frustrated that I said-I don’t want to be rude but I don’t care what services you offer, my boss is no longer interested! He said ‘Well if you want to be rude to me I’ll hang up”. I said ‘perfect!’ then hung up. They will harass you to no end!!! So Fed Up! I then called the [protected] number and got a woman named Norrine. She said that the billing dept. is ONE woman and that the woman is not in the office yet and that she will call me back. 4 hours later no call back-go figure. I called the [protected] number from their website again and got another random girl. I asked her if the billing lady was in and the girl said that the billing lady was in meetings all week and is following up with costumers in the first come first served basis. I explained that I wanted to cancel my boss’s’ membership he started YESTERDAY. She asked why he was canceling and I said that the other company I work for is on Angie’s List and that many people use that service, AND Angie’s List is $47 a YEAR!!! She put me on hold and came back saying that it was very unlikely that their company gives back refunds to people who have buyers remorse. That is the stupidest thing I ever heard. So I said if you can put this in the email you’re sending Richard-the loser sales rep- cause I know after every call I make here Richard calls my boss to find out who this woman is disrupting his office. Please tell whoever that if the money is not put back into my boss’s bank I will file fraud charges against your company! So she said ok. Richard like a little puppy called my boss in 2 minutes. My boss picked up and said that he wants exactly what I said and is not backing down.

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