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Illinois Seal Rite / Offers dumpy lame workers, missed and late appointments

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Illinois Seal Rite offers dumpy lame workers, missed and late appointments, hit and run garage collisions and rough asphalt surfaces. Their specialty is asphalt stained and scraped concrete.

The owner Ronald Smith offers rude e-mail messages as well as a "blind eye" and tries to prey on your ignorance when responding to a complaint. In short, Ron is a bad business operator and a total jerk! It's no wonder that he can't hold on to good people. He probably tries to pay them in food stamps and monopoly money. Sheesh!

"yeah, I taked to this one guy and he said adding sand to the mix was just a gimmick" - Ron

This site is dedicated to the two jobs that we had Illinois Seal Rite "perform". Jobs that they have already been paid for. One was a patch job in our driveway and one was a recap. I'm not really sure why they did the first patch job when they knew that they were just going to dig it back up and hope that I didn't notice it. I guess creating work for yourself really pays off in the amount of $218.00. Add an additional $1,800 for the crappy "off road rally" cheese grater mud smashed recap, you end up with a $2,000.00 skid mark just sitting in your back yard waiting to be laughed at by your fugly headed neighbors. Real Nice!

All I ever heard from Ron was complaints about the parade of losers he had (the crew that he hired btw) working for him. Which lead me to start believing that this is a sign of someone subliminally wanting you to give them exceptional leeway in the quality of work that may come about as a result of their incompetence and bad hiring skills. Ron could take my advice and take note that my problems would never become his or land in his ears or on his front doorstep. So why should his problems become
mine? They shouldn't, didn't and won't in this case or in any case. Am I paying to hear his sob stories or am I paying for quality work? What gives?

We'll see what the very near future brings..

Update: Ron refunded $161.78 minus the labor that was figured into the contract. That's real good! What a schmuck. He got paid to do nothing while trying to create the illusion that he acted in good faith in walking off the job and using this website as an excuse to do so. In reality, he walked off because he knew that he would never have the capacity to resolve his self inflicted issue with the "work" he and his gravel monkeys tried to pull off. He and the bank that was suppose to be overseeing this just washed each others hands.

You gotta love Quincy, Illinois and it's little cliques...

I'll keep you all posted. Thanks for visiting and for all of the supportive e-mail from Complaints.Com.

You should be aware that being in a small town definitely has its advantage. One being that bad news like this travels faster than good news.

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