Ikobo sucks, fraudIkobo sucks, fraud

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I was cheated by ikobo twice.

Here is a long online conversation if you would like to read it.

ody Francis: Thank you for contacting us here at the Card Service Center, how may i assist you ?

Asaduzzaman: hi
Jody Francis: hello how can i help you ?
Asaduzzaman: you cancelled my send money order but it seems that you charged my card anyway
Jody Francis: can i take your ikobo account number please
Asaduzzaman: KM759511FI
Jody Francis: thank you
Jody Francis: please hold while i review your account
Asaduzzaman: it would be nice to know the reason too, why my account is blocked from sending money without any notice and reason
Jody Francis: thank you for holding
Jody Francis: please be advised that i have reviewed your account and can confirm that your transaction has been declined due to security reasons
Jody Francis: our security team requested that you provide verification documentation in order to complete the security process
Jody Francis: and have the sanctions lifted from your account
Asaduzzaman: please be confirmed my card statement says the following-
Asaduzzaman: 11 Dec 2008 Purchase 5.49 0.00 WWW IKOBO COM (USD 27.25) 5.49
Jody Francis: yes this is a test transaction that is initiated in order to confirm that your bank will honor your credit card transaction 3
Jody Francis: these funds are normally credit back to your credit card account within 4 business days
Asaduzzaman: so you are going to refund it?
Jody Francis: yes
Jody Francis: this is done purely as a test transaction
Asaduzzaman: good
Asaduzzaman: when the test did happen?
Jody Francis: on the 11th december, 2008
Jody Francis: the transaction that you see is a test transaction
Asaduzzaman: and when the order was cancelled?
Jody Francis: today
Jody Francis: sorry on the 9th
Asaduzzaman: if the order was cancelled on 9th, what kind of test do you make on 11th?
Jody Francis: your original request was canceled on the 9th
Jody Francis: the test was therefore done on the 11th to try and establish the reason that you have been having this problem
Jody Francis: it seems that you have had declined transaction issues for some time
Asaduzzaman: yes I understand that, but I don't understand why do you make test after you have cancelled the order??
Jody Francis: however due to the fact that Ikobo are under new management we are required to run new security checks
Jody Francis: have you spoken to your bank about why your card has been declined
Asaduzzaman: more over do you really have a test charge system? As far as understand it should be pending amounts
Asaduzzaman: not transfer the money to your account
Asaduzzaman: Dear Sir/Madamme! Its illegal to charge a card after you cancell the order
Asaduzzaman: After all you did confirm the credit card during the order with making a pending charge to the card.
Jody Francis: im sorry for keeping you
Jody Francis: please hold a moment
Jody Francis: im sorry sir the charge that you provided details for is in relation to senders fee
Asaduzzaman: sorry I missed your Q. "have you spoken to your bank about why your card has been declined"
Asaduzzaman: the answer is:
Jody Francis: however we need to have this sent to our back office because you have a pending transaction from october that seems to be causing the problem
Jody Francis: sorry that was my error
Asaduzzaman: I don't use credit card online, it was a debit card i used
Asaduzzaman: could you clarify a bit about the pending order from october?
Jody Francis: yes
Asaduzzaman: There should not be any sender's or any other fees if the order has been canceled
Jody Francis: please hold a moment i am going though your account with a manager
Asaduzzaman: This is what I see in my account history starting at 1 october, 2008-
Asaduzzaman: Date Time Name Confirmation# Status Amount [protected]:57:00 Salma Khan B0K0KB62B9 Cancelled 10.00
Jody Francis: at this point sir we are going to need to send your account to management for further review
Jody Francis: the october transaction on your account that is still showing as pending needs to be dealt with and possibly is causing an issue with subsequent transactions
Jody Francis: the senders fee that has been changed on your account and posted dated 11th december 2008 is not the test transaction that i initially thought
Asaduzzaman: I wonder why it does not show up in my online transaction history
Jody Francis: i suspect there may be a technical issue on your account but i will need to refer this in order to verify the same
Jody Francis: i am sorry about the inconvenience
Asaduzzaman: I still don't understand why my card was charged 11th december any amount at all!
Jody Francis: which is why we need to have the matter investigated
Asaduzzaman: ok
Asaduzzaman: so what happens with the charged amount?
Asaduzzaman: would it be possible to receive this conversation by email?
Jody Francis: the chat session can be sent to you
Jody Francis: the charged amount will be dealt with by the investigation
Asaduzzaman: thanks
Jody Francis: you will then be contacted via e-mail confirming our findings and advising you of what is required to have the block lifted fro your account
Asaduzzaman: will you be in touch with me when you are done or how the process will continue?
Jody Francis: we will contact you once we have more information
Asaduzzaman: ok
Asaduzzaman: Thank you Jody!
Jody Francis: your welcome
Asaduzzaman: Please send me this conversation by email.
Jody Francis: i do apologise for the miscommunication
Asaduzzaman: Have a nice day!
Jody Francis: you too
Jody Francis: bye
Asaduzzaman: I was disappointed when you just cancelled the order and blocked the account without any notice or conversation with the customer
Asaduzzaman: then I just gave up using ikobo account
Jody Francis: i understand
Asaduzzaman: now today I was surprised when I saw the charged amount.
Jody Francis: we will however do all that we can to get this matter resolved
Asaduzzaman: But I apriciate you confortable personal services.
Asaduzzaman: thank you and have nice time
Asaduzzaman: bye
Jody Francis: your very welcome
Jody Francis: please enjoy the rest of your day
Asaduzzaman: Thank you
Nobody did contact from ikobo, no solution and no refund.
I contacted then again online. The same sheet explanations were offered as above. Fynally I requested to send the chat session by email and close my account. They closed my account but could not receive the chat session email.

I open a new account. Every thing was ok for weeks untill I made an order. They charged my credit card and closed my account.

Here goes the online chat with ikobo sucs

You are now chatting with Jody Francis (Ikobo)

Jody Francis: Thank you for contacting us here at the Card Service Center, how
may i assist you
Abba: hello
Abba: is my account closed
Jody Francis: ok please hold a moment while i review your account
Abba: Hello!
Jody Francis: sorry for keeping you
Jody Francis: please be advised that unfortunately your account registration
has been canceled due to security reasons
Abba: security reason?
Jody Francis: thats correct
Abba: could you explain me a bit?
Jody Francis: according to our security team your account details have not
been verified by our database
Jody Francis: therefore your registration has been canceled
Abba: I still don't understand, sorry
Jody Francis: your details are not considered to be acceptable by our security
team therefore we canceled your registration
Abba: why not acceptable?
Abba: the account was open for long
Abba: I made an transaction order and my debit card has been charged
Jody Francis: no further information can be disclosed at this time im afraid
Jody Francis: the funds will be returned to your funding card
Abba: ikobo charged money from my card account
Jody Francis: i will send an e-mail to management for this to be done
Abba: how long will it take to refund?
Abba: very strainge services
Jody Francis: you will find that the funds have been returned withing 48 hours
Abba: I heard you are having troubles with visa transactions, so how sure is
it that you are going to work with the refund process automatically?
Jody Francis: im sorry for the inconvenience
Abba: 48 hours from today or?
Jody Francis: thats correct
Jody Francis: 48 hours from today
Abba: I wish that works.
Abba: I hope good luck for ikovo services

I'm 100% sure they are not going to refund!!!

IKOBO is a scam ! ikobo suclks!


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  • Ho
      Jun 27, 2009

    Did they ever end up sending the money back to you?

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  • Gs
      Dec 29, 2010

    I had a similar problem with Ikobo on 2 occasions. They use "security" as an excuse for everything. This company is too shady. Never actually succeeded in sending money with them, tried 2 times. They said they couldn't send the money due to security reasons and closed the accounts. If you ask me, I think its a phishing website they just collect people's info and use it or sell it.

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