IHOP Restaurants / horrible and racially motivated poor service

My family and I arrived at 10:30 am to restaurant for breakfast in good spirits. After being seated in 15 Minutes, we arrived at our table. A middle age blond hair Caucasian waitress took our order. This was after walking by our table back and forth 4 times. We gave our drink order (coffees and water). She brought those back in about 7-10 Minutes.

A whopping 60 minutes later (according to my phones timer), she attempted to bring our breakfast making excuses the whole time blaming the kitchen, whereas the same kitchen had prepared and sent our at least 3 other tables that we observed that was seated after us.

It appears that we were the victims this morning of outright and blatant discrimination due to our ethnic background. We are African-American, and we observe the waitress serving other tables of patrons of a different races and them getting much more attentive service.

My husband asked to see the manager who apparently didn't value our customer complaint and did not bother to come to our table to address the issue. Instead the manager sent a host who said to us that the manager was on the phone.

Their behavior is totally unresponsive leaving us no choice but to contact our attorney; however I wanted to inform corporate of how badly we had been treated at iHop Restaurant in Southaven, MS. We are outraged by this incident.

Micheal and Martha Liddell and our son Benjamin

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IHOP Restaurants

Nov 21, 2017

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