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IGS International Inc / / / Lie & trick customer to place order, never deliver, fake proof of delivery to Paypal

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IGS International Inc.

On July 20, I've contact customer online live chat service to explicitly asked if they have stock of the item (gil = currency used in an online game called Final Fantasy XI) BEFORE I placed my order, TWICE. I got FIRM ANSWERS both time that they have them in stock, and will be delivered within 2-6 hrs. I was also told that they will save the stock for me and not given to others. So, I
placed the order on the same day.

Then I Waited for 2-6 hours, then inquire about the delivery via their customer online live chat support service. I was told that they do not have stock!

WHAT A LIE EARLIER BEFORE I PLACED MY ORDER!!! They just trick & lure customers to place the order, and then make the customers wait indefinitely until they gather the item!

This business practice frustrated me the most. They are not the only website that's doing this. I had bad experience with other websites already. That's why I asked explicitly BEFORE I place the order if
they have stock.

After that, as usual as in my other bad experience, I was told more lies to wait, saying that you will have stock in 'couple hours'. The result, of course, is 'please wait couple more hours', then another
'couple more hours', and then even more 'couple more hours', until indefinite time.

On July 21, after those repetitive lies I got from them via the online live chat support, I requested a full refund and a representative I talked to said that he will record the conversation and pass that
to the 'manger' to process the refund. I was told that the manager would not be here until approx. late night July 21.

On July 22 12:56am, I talk to their representative again regarding my full refund as agreed with another representative. The result is of course, they still would not want to resolve the problem with me. I was still being given different excuses, asked me to keep waiting, etc etc... I am very tired and disappointed already with this kind of business practice. And I just want a full refund, even if I will result in lost due to the exchange rate between transactions (paid by VISA card via PayPal).

After that, I have no choice but to raise a dispute in PayPal. During that time, I've tried to resolve the issue with them and ask for full refund in the PayPal Resolution Center, which provides the buyer
(me) and the seller ( or IGS International Inc as recorded in PayPal transaction) to communicate and to resolve the issue. They never responded.

On July 25, I've received a weird email from with subject "Delivered Notice" and empty content. However, I NEVER RECEIVE ANYTHING FROM THEM. I've mentioned it to them in the Paypal resolution center, and again, THEY NEVER RESPONDED.

On July 27, I've escalated the dispute to a claim in PayPal because they will not issue me a full refund and I still have not received anything from them. Paypal started the claim process, and or IGS International Inc. provided the 'proof' of a "Virtual items tracking # xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" and Paypal decided to close the case without even asking me for any proofs.

Upon that point, I understand what that email I received on July 25 is for:

This is ridiculous!!! Does that mean everyone can open a website and sell something they do not have and then get the money from consumer??

I later contacted my VISA card company but was told that their policy is to wait 30 days since the date of purchase before raising a claim. So on Aug 20, 2009, I've raised a dispute with my VISA card
company hoping they can do a more thorough investigation and can really protect the buyer.

I later do some research about this website or company and found others complaint about them too with similar issue. They have another website name

This company (or IGS International Inc.) should really be banned for their business practise on how they lie and trick customer to place order. And most seriously, how they made fake
'proof' saying they delivered the item.

P.S. I have ALL the logs of the conversations that I had with their
customer representatives via their live chat. I also have the log of communication in Paypal Resolution Center as proof.

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IGS International Inc / /
IGS International Inc / /
IGS International Inc / /

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  • Re
      13th of Sep, 2009
    -1 Votes got ripped off trying to buy gold?


    GAWD you SO deserve it you lazy idiot! ROFL!!!11!!!one!!!

  • Da
      24th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    this is the best cheap wow power level website i've ever seen .

  • Kl
      24th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes - Horrible, outright crooks, stay away
    United States

    Horrible, outright CROOKS! DO NOT USE! Paypal reimbursed me and filed a complaint against them!

  • We
      11th of Aug, 2011
    0 Votes

    They tried that wait thing on me too... but 2 hours was all they got from me... I used a paypal account linked to my checking/debit account, and paypal takes more than 24 hours to charge you bank/debit/credit card account with any transaction. I know this because I kept checking my bank accounts website that let me see my online banking. I waited for the charge to appear and when it did it was listed as PROCESSING the transaction so I called my banks 1-800 customer service number... Gave the bank my account info & told them unauthorized charges where drawn from my account under the name: GAMEEST INTERNATIONAL NETWORK SALES CO LTD was who charged me thru this website: My Bank put a stop payment on the charge & put block on the name of that company from charging my account. The payment was stopped & they never got my money.. I do still have a Disputed open case with them thru paypal...

  • Wi
      13th of Jan, 2012
    0 Votes

    I've learned my lesson today. The one time I got lazy and decided to buy gold, I got screwed. I placed the order through their website,, and sent payment through Paypal. Right away, the seller sent me an e-mail asking me to log into their live chat service to confirm the order. I did so, and the person I spoke to asked me for my name, address, and phone number. Of course a red flag went up because the entire purpose of doing business through Paypal is that you don't have to give sketchy individuals your info. Then he asked if he could call me, if I'd forward the e-mail that I received from Paypal to him, and, finally, he asked me to send him a picture of my driver's license or passport. I told him this was utterly ridiculous, that he had all the information he needed, and that I wouldn't be sending him any of the things he'd asked for. He said "I have to ask my boss. Come back in a little while." "How long is a little while?" "8 Hours." I said that I wasn't going to wait that long and that he could either deliver my gold or refund my money and cancel the order. He said "I'm not allowed to refund, " and then he simply stopped responding to me. I logged back into the chat when I woke up this morning and asked "Helen" whether I'd be getting my items or getting a refund (knowing full well that she probably wasn't planning to give me either). "Helen" said that they would not send me anything without a picture of my ID. I then told her that I was on the phone with Paypal at that very moment (which is true) and that they told me it wasn't acceptable for them to ask me for so much information. She refused to respond after that. Since filing my complaint with Paypal an hour ago, I've gotten an e-mail from Paypal saying that the crooks responded with
    "Tracking Company: virtual tracking # virtual
    Tracking Number: virtual tracking # virtual"
    as their proof of delivery. Hopefully Paypal doesn't accept this nonsense, otherwise I'll lose all faith in them. I called my bank before calling Paypal. I've been with them for ten years and never filed a complaint, so they assure me that if Paypal screws me, they will have my back. They even offered to deactivate my card and send me a new number for my protection. The point is that my bank is awesome, and is not.

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