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1 Lahore Punjab Pakistan, AU
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ear DIG Establishment.

I am formally writing you seeking your intervention in regards to my complaint against SSP Zubair Darkesh who has been a strong supporter of criminals working in the IG office in lahore.
it was in the matter of Constable mohammad Ishfaq Gujjar from the security Cell of the IG office V Mohammad Tauseef. Victim Tauseef was financially conned in several lacs by the Constable ishfaq Gujjar and his associate Shakil from Faisalabad.
Victim has very strong evidence but AIG (Admin) was influenced or may would have been paid in order to Dismiss the real evidence and favour the con Man Constable Gujjar.
Review of the decision was sought and matter was referred to SSP Investigation Faisalabad who after hearing the evidence concluded that Constable gujjar is guilty and a curse for the IG office, therefore, should be dismissed from the pOlice force . further more I understand some comments were made about AIG ( Admin) as his findings were bias, irrational and based on favoritism.
I have lodged a formal Complaint Against SSP Zubair Darkesh and has received no response that lead me suspect that SSP Darkesh may would have attempted to influence the People handling my complaint against him. Peoples like SSP Zubair Darkesh and Constable Gujjar are shame for the IG office.

Victim was subject to abuses, intimidation and Constable gujjar was threatening the victim of his position in the IG office that is definitely rejected by the modern society. MY experience with the IG office in this matter has revealed that SSP Zubair Darkesh is not fit and proper person to be sitting in the IGP office. I urge that an immediate investigation should be initiated and SSP Darekesh should be OSD, Warned from abusing his authority. Victim has sustained psychological Injuries due to SSP Darkesh Behaviour so immediate action is warranted. i am publishing this request on the Electronic Media. SSP Darkesh has failed in his duty of care to the victim that is considered to be a corrupt behaviour. If action not taken it will bring shame for the IG office. these type of officers are like manager of a factory that produces mental illness and increase suffering.
Person who favors criminals also can be considered a criminal and criminal should not work for the IG office. I will greatly appreciate your intervention and an action. it is to be certain that either SSP Darkesh was influenced or he was appreciated in a form or shape that is not acceptable by the accused. this complaint is being published on the electronic media

Thanks and Best Regards.


Mar 14, 2017

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