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IgoMogul/Web hosting/blogging / unethical/fraudulent business practices

1 10645 N Tatum RdPhoenix, AZ, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 602-765-4541

They contacted me one night and said that they got my name from Google and asked me if I wanted to blog or write and make some extra money, however, I said that I wasn't a writer, but I could type. The conversation lead to having a website. I said that I owned several domain names, Really, Nancy said. Then she transfered me to Jake the assistant manager and after reviewing some of my domain names said he thought that I could get (6) figures for one of mine( However, he needed to get it exposure through a website. He showed me a Youtube video on IgoMogul's site showing this to be true about domain names and kept trying to convince me into allowing him to build me a site for this purpose. First, they charged my Discover $850.00 to be a blogger even though I had told them I didn't like to write. (No problem, we walk you through step by step.) Then he wanted $11, 000.00 to design me a site. Which I said, No Way. (his sales tactics, give a big number then reduces it for the kill) Then he said, How much could I afford? In shock, I didn't reply . Then he asked me how many credit cards do you have? I told him, I only use one, my Discover. Then he asked me my limit?
I said, around $5K with already some charges. Then, he said, okay, since I'm the Assistant Manager, I'll do this for you for only, $2870.00. However, I need you to send in a SOW immediately. After charging a Discover another charge and coercing me into sending in the SOW(Service of Work). After reading the complete SOW and I called to get a full explanation of the details because this is not what we discussed. He tells me that they are a Christian Company and that I should trust him. I did. After seeing the website I was shocked at the generic site, the first page opened with a small red sale's tag followed with the website name, I called and complained about it, then they added a @ sign with a wad of $20's. Not much improvement. Later they call me up and say they are giving me training, they walk me through setting up an account with GoogleAdwords, (which is free) to add to this site. Some training...
I get another call from now a different person, Vinnie, now my contact person, wanting to convenience me to send in other SOW to add more bloggers on the site to boost traffic for only $2025.00 which they charged my Dicover again. After not trusting them because of all the deception that I caught them in, they started harassing me with phone calls, 2, 3, 4 times a day wanting me to send in the SOW. I got totally frustrated with being bullied from Vinnie then Jake. I told them that I wanted the credits put back on my card and I didn't want to have anything to do with them, I moved my domain name back to Godaddy, so when you type in, you'll see it's parked and not on WWW. They said that they didn't give refunds, period. So I contacted Discover and they were able to get two of the three charges back. However, the one big charge of $2870.00 still has not been credited. They continue to send me emails stating that they are posting to my website. Impossible. I have called and recorded the call after acknowledging them of the fact of the recording that I didn't want to have anything to do with them and wanted a full refund. They refuse to do this and said they didn't give refunds. Then Vinnie said he would refund the $2025.00 but not the $2870.00. When I tried to reply back to their emails, I get the message from Google that I have been rejected by them. Their sales pressure tactics and phone harassment are uncalled for... If they were a reputable company they wouldn't scam people into signing up with them and would offer their clients 100% satisfaction with their services. The way that they are doing business shows that they are deceitful, and that they are pushy, as well as using intimidation to coerce you into sending in SOW's with no recourse. Christian company? I think not. Even when I told them after the first transaction that my husband was laid off, still Jake told me to trust him and apply yet another charge, which they did and I had to have Discover to do an inquiry about it to get it refunded. I think that we need laws to protect the customers of such internet scams and when this happens they should pay for the damages and the stress that they cause others. Remember, they called me, I didn't call them. They they set me up. I want to warn others about them and please do not give them your credit card information until after you have been able to look over everything with another trusted individual or two. And if they don't agree to that, Hang Up!

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      10th of Jun, 2009
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    This time last year I was contacted by Vinny, an account manager for Igomogul. I listened to him explain his company and how you can get your own website. He went over the different types of websites and prices. I told him I could not afford the expensive ones, only the $200.00 one due to having had two brain surgeries. I was still paying a lot of medical bills. He said he understood, but sure gave me the run around and tried his best to up-sale me. He then explained that afterwards, I would be able to make money with the company, not only from my website, but writing articles and eventually reviews on other websites. I liked the idea because I am a freelance writer.
    I paid the money, got my very basic site, and started writing my articles. After ten completed articles with Writezilla, I began my review writing with Postzilla. I loved it. It was nice to make a little extra money to help pay some bills, especially since with my medical condition I cannot go back to work outside the home. I gradually made my way up with writing articles, going from two at a time, to three, four, and was just recently at ten. I was also writing a lot of reviews. I was making a nice little bit of money to help out.
    About November last year, I suddenly lost the ability to write reviews for Postzilla. I called Vinny and he explained that Postzilla had been taken away from me due to needing to spend more money and upgrade my website. He wanted at the minimum, $1200.00 or more. I said I couldn’t do it. And because I couldn’t do it, he would not reinstate my Postzilla. I was upset, but knew I still had Writezilla, my articles. Well, that too has now come to an end. Just a week or so ago, I noticed the editors were taking their time getting my articles reviewed. Then the writing opportunities for choosing articles to write slowed down. Then, my open opportunities went from ten open articles to just two….the amount I started with a year ago. All because I wouldn’t upgrade my website and dump more money into it. I called Igomogul again, and all they did was harass me for more money. They tried playing the “God” card acting like they are all a bunch of Christians, quoting Bible verses to me. I was disgusted, being a real Christian myself. Then, to add insult to injury, they acted as though all the money I made with them this past year (only $4, 000.00), was handed to me by them. I earned every stinking dime I made with them writing those articles. I took real offense to that!
    Igomogul changed their contract on me. They lied to me to get me in the door, then tried to up-sale me, or cut me off. Websites do not cost as much as they want to charge. My nephew had a website developed for $200.00 just a month ago, and it is amazing…check it out… $200.00!
    There is a website… that does not charge any fee to get on and write articles for them. Nothing to pay, no contracts and you can make up to $15.00 an article. Igomogul should be shut down. They are sneaky, underhanded, and lie. They do unfair business. Their business practices are shady to say the least!

  • De
      29th of Jun, 2009
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    File a complaint against igomogul with the following state and federal agencies.
    Arizona Better Business Bureau
    4428 North 12th Street
    Phoenix, AZ 85014
    1-602-264-1721 (ph)
    1-877-291-6222 (toll-free)
    Federal Trade commission
    Arizona State Attorney
    Consumer Information and Complaints
    1275 W. Washington
    Phoenix, Arizona 85007-2926
    Telephone: (602) 542-5763
    outside of the Phoenix Metro Area
    (800) 352-8431
    Cyber Street Smart
    Internet Crime Complaint Center

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