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I purchased 'gil' the currency used in Final Fantasy XI, over a week ago which I have not received. I have sent them email after email that all I get is auto reply for. They guarantee to supply within 24 hours, their 'contact us 24/7' is a crock, the 1 email I did get was a 'please be patient, this has been escalated to the manager and your order will be filled ASAP when our suppliers provide the product' It is my opinion that they are selling online game currency that they don't have, which I would have thought is illegal. Paypal are not much better with we cannot guarantee your refund unless refunds us, which it appears so far they are unable to do. Go elsewhere to buy your online currency, this site in my opinion is fraudulent.

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      24th of May, 2008 - Terrible service
    British Columbia

    A typical IGE interaction: i order online for gil that is in stock. After 24 hours i email and they say someone tried to get in contact with me and they are now out of stock. This was impossible since i didn't log out of game, i always leave it online for guild stuff. I say ok ill wait another 24 hours because their response email said give them another 24 hours and they'll give me 5% more. after 24 hours i complain again and they say wait 24-48 hours. After 4 days i ask for my refund. they send me a standard email:

    I understand your frustration, blah blah, give us time to deliver the gil. I say no thank you give me a refund and after 5 complaints they say they processed it and to check my paypal. This did not happen, my account still says I am waiting for the transaction. Charge back time.

    This leads me to believe that they cant get stock and the sellers don't trust them to pay for the currency. IGE is just plain broken, they cant even deliver paltry amounts of money. DO not buy from them!

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  • Jo
      14th of Jun, 2009

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  • Be
      13th of Jan, 2013 - unfulfilled order
    United States

    Paid 29 dollars for game gold. Got half 48 hours later. Currently it has been 2 weeks going on 3 and they still don't have the rest yet.
    After writing them I get an apology letter saying they are having problems with their supply. They promised a 5% bonus for the hassle. That was 7 gays after purchase. Still nothing . Last time I buy anything from them.

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  • Bu
      29th of Oct, 2013


    It's been 3 days since I placed my order and I have to receive it. I have sent multiple emails to their customer service and they all been ignored. They pulled the money from my account. This is ridiculous. I have been courteous with my questions to no avail. I'm looking into ways to get my money back.

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