IfРrofitDo yourself a favor and stay away

Every day I see scam projects and I'm shocked by their amount. It grows and grows and will probably stop only if cryptocurrencies don't bring money.
IfРrofit is another scam company that cannot be trusted.
At first, I'm gonna say that it's awfully designed, full of spelling and grammar mistakes but at the same time they claim they are serious and experienced. Pfft... Tell this story to someone else.
However, I guess people invest in this company and don't even pay attention to what kind of a crap it is. Really.
The second sign of a scam is that they use a referral scheme.
The third one is that they didn't care enough to create an email and just used It's such a trash.
The fourth is that there's no team information and lack of a customer service. Of course, it's strange of me to look for tiny particles of logic here. No one has doubts they have no team, it's probably one or two men who just decided to make big bucks and walk off into the sunset.

Dec 04, 2018

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