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Farnham, England, Surrey, United Kingdom
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The service from iflorist is non-existent. They have ruined Mother's Day!

My mum is left disabled from a stroke, I live in the South East of England and she lives in Aberdeen, Scotland. I don't get to see her much and because of that and her fragile health I really wanted to make Mother's Day special so I decided to order a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

I paid £8 on top of the flowers and chocolates for GUARANTEED delivery on Mother's Day (18th March). I received an email saying the order has been allocated and will be delivered today on the 18th March 2012. It has never arrived which I'm very frustrated and upset about.
I have contacted them via their online support ticket service; [protected], [protected] and have received no response, nothing, nada and their live support is showing as unavailable.

They claim to have an online tracking system but this is not updated and if you read the small print regarding this system it says just that, it is not a live system and requires updating manually. So I'm confused as to how they planned to manually update this 'tracking system' when they seem to have no staff on today.

I might forgive not having any support available on a normal weekend but on Mothering Sunday when they have taken 100s or 1000s of orders with guaranteed delivery it's unforgiveable. It's like they've taken the order and the money and shut up shop and don't care whether or not orders are delivered.

My dad said that they tried to deliver a bunch of dying flowers on Tuesday 20th, 2 days late despite my paying extra for Sunday delivery, no explanation, no apology, nothing and they've still not replied to my complaints and their 18 hours a day 7 days a week live system is never available when I try. The flowers were refused and I want a refund but it looks like I will have to go through my bank to get it as they seem intent on ignoring me.

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