SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / Dishonest sham

Maidstone, England, Kent, United Kingdom

Basically spivs. Avoid. Delivered an abysmal small dying bouquet. After 4 submitted complaints/Tickets were submitted
& ignored on their sham Support Centre website, I got their
geographical phone number, waited on hold for 25 minutes, eventually
spoke to them and when they wanted the evidence of my complaint (which
I'd sent previously to their so called 'support site'... I did it all
again, and was promised "escalation" of the complaint. Their whole
strategy is one of promising refunds, and promising "escalations". "They
always close Support Tickets/complaints without any dialogue. Just
procrastinating emails & a website designed to make you just give up
and give in. I suppose you'd need to go to the Burnley HQ and threaten
them to have a hope of getting their attention!

Apr 20, 2014

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