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IDS*Grants / over $100.00 unauthorized charges

1 CA, United States Review updated:

BEWARE... Read the small print! ...These are charges below that appeared on my credit card account. Fortunately as they were unexpected...and were not paid ... I called and the clerk (who later abruptly hung up stated that there is some clause in their agreement that allows them to charge after 7 days the amount of $94.89 a month to access their web site. . I didn't get a chance to inquire about the $19.12 fee . (she hung up when i asked her name) This company has a photo of President Obama on their site and it seemed to be an official grant site. I thought the charge was $1.99.


Purchase Date: 03/03/09


Purchase Date: 03/10/09
Retail Stores Declined -$94.89

The clerk reported (just before she hung up) that i would not be charged anymore after i requested that the account be canceled.

I also found this comment after an internet search

United States
Phone: [protected] (this is their telephone number )

I had checked into a grant company and for $1.99 I could receive some information on Grants from President Obama. I authorized the transaction for $1.99 and the next day I had an unauthorized transaction for $19.12 coming out so I called the number and they refunded my money. Three days later I have another unauthorized transaction for $94.89 and they are fighting me on refunding this unauthorized transaction. Other Grant information that I have received in the past has given me 7-10 trial period but not this one. I am not satisfied with any of the information and they are scamming people out of their money. More and More people are being scammed but who would have thought it would be by these type of companies and also their advertisement has a picture of President Obama holding a Government Issued check. So I thought it was legit but it is not. I just want my money back.
Katrina Boik

I also found this comment below

7 days ago by Citizen Twain +1 Votes
I just noticed a charge on my credit card from them. Who are they? I have not ordered anything from them but there is no number to contact this company.
3 days ago by shelby123 +1 Votes
I have no idea who idsgrants are and somehow they took over 100 dollars out of my banking account without so much as a number to reach them, an explanation, nothing. I want my money back! Any ideas on how i can do that?
15 minutes ago by e t 0 Votes
IDS grants is trying to get the same amount from my credit card account ... i did not purchase authorize this withdrawal and am contacting my company to prevent this charge.

e t
macon ga


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  • Wi
      3rd of Jun, 2016
    0 Votes
    IDS*Grants - Unauthorized Charges
    William A Patton
    San Pablo
    United States
    Phone: 510-478-7267

    Having read all the complaints posted here on this webpage and arguing with the way my bank handled an illegal charge to my bank account via a debit card after using it to purchase information for US grants for the amount of $2.95 there-of with no prior knowledge nor concent to any other action taken to which IDS*GRANTS did charge and withdrew $95.00 and some change illegally... and I mean ILLEGALLY ! When is somebody in our government going to put people like this in a court room and charge them with internet theft ? Robbing banks is a crime.. shouldn't robbing bank clients accounts also be a crime ? .. This IDS*GRANTS was notified by me after having recieved the telephone number from my bank and I was told that a refund form would be sent to my email upon filling for it online... What filing online ? IDS*GRANTS has no known online site that I can find.. Who the HELL are these kinds of ### that come out of the wood-work and are allowed to withdraw funds from personal bank accounts world-wide ? You can bet if they withdrew funds from a corporate account, that they be in prison soon afterwards.. and the worst part of it all.. my bank being notified to stop the withdraw while the charge was pending refused ! .. The Inter National Bank, a FDCIA bank, pursuant to a license by MasterCard International has allowed the withdraw after being told personally by myself that the charge of $95.- and cents was not an authorized charge.. that IDS*GRANTS was comitting FRAUD ! .. and they still allowed the debit to take place ! That a proceedure to charge back the merchant was the recourse and only recourse for the banks clients to take along with all the assurance that my money would be returned.. To who ever reads this.. do you know what I say really.. THE DUMB STUFF .. I'am being robbed and my bank has allowed this to take place under protest.. My country has allowed business representives to vendor their services to the American public concerning Federal Government Grants and have comitted fraudulent acts with no fear of law or punishment if available at all for mis-reporting their ablities to access the office of United States Governmental Grants Affairs.. THIS ### ! and watch and listen, I'll bet that I will be in trouble for filing this with words like " YOU IDS*GRANTS" you can go to HELL and rot there.. That's profanity and if I guess right.. it's illegal !

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