IDS Sales & Engineering LLCwalmart $1000 gift card

I have spent the time to fill out the Your Score and More survey, and paid the $1.00, recorded names confirmation #s, codes, ext's, employee ID's, wrote letters of accommodation for employees whom helped me. Always asked for their boss's name and ext #. The whole purpose of this was a Credit One Bank free credit check, no harm ? Was I wrong !! It started consuming me, truth is i let it, based on principles !! Or what is left in this world of low life's. I waited for 1 week, no card in the mail. They said give it another week. After 2 trips to Walmart, and the manager saying, they do not accept anything from this company, I started calling, and getting to know others. The people at Your Score and More are good people, and basically have their hands tied. Today was the last straw. I will be contacting state & federal authorities as to the level which this can be pushed. Class Action for sure, as I can see $1, 000, 000+ in fraud. The BBB at State & federal levels for sure, bust most important the founders, family members and relatives/friends associated which hold any interest ne to be held accountable. I'm in !

Nov 23, 2018

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