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IDproAlert.com / Random Bank account charge

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ID pro Alert
While browsing possible loan options we entered our information into a so called "Secure Website" which rendered us absolutely no useful information or connection to a lender. . .We gave up the search and attempted to begin the tedious task of removing our names from the telemarketers list. Just today (about 5 days later) we first receive a scary phone call from a man knowing all our information and making rude sexually suggestive comments in regards to our loan and then later we head to the bank and come to find a random charge from the IDproAlert. I called and found out that I was signed up for their program and after a rude long conversation I received no help and or explanation of how this ever came to be. Fortunately my bank removed the charges but IDproAlert.com refused me any information to prove or show where this "so-called agreement" came from.


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A  25th of Mar, 2009 by 
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I am not sure how IDPRo got info on my chceking account but in January there werte suddneld two 19.95 wire charges from them on the same date and one each month since. Of course my bank was contacted emediately but I was told I must contact IDPRO and make them stop and I can't find an address or phone # ! JRKlingaman@comcast.net
A  25th of Mar, 2009 by 
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hey i have a phone number for you. 1800-810-0597. They did the same thing to me today. i called my bank and they are going to dispute it.
A  26th of Mar, 2009 by 
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what can we do about this type of foolishness with this company? i went online today to check my account only to find an unknown withdrawal from my account. i called them and received a cancellation number to cease this service. My problem is that they asked if I wanted to have this service and I said NOOOO, nevertheless they proceeded to deduct an amount from my account anyway. I have a serious problem with this type of underhanded foolishness.
N  27th of Mar, 2009 by 
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this id pro alert company is soooo BOGUS. i have no idea how they got my information to withdraw money from my bank account. when i called them they said they would cancel my so-called account. well the next month the same charge was withdrawn from my checking account. i again called and was told that the account had been cancelled, but i had my back statement in front of me showing the charge deducted from my account. i asked to talk to a supervisor and was connected to someone who didn't know any more than the first person i had talked to. i asked for the company owners name and the supervisor, renee, said they were not allowed to give out that information. now if that isn't a bogus company, i don't know what is. i got no help from this so-called supervisor. she said that she was the only supervisor and she had no boss. i can't believe this bogus company can get away with all the BS they give out.
A  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I have been waiting for a refund into my account for money that was dispersed from your company for services I never authorized. I was told it would take 7 to 14 days; today is the 16th day and no refund. I want my money; I will file a complaint with the Attorney General in my state if I do not receive a response today.

Nancy George
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I called your number and was told my refund had been denied because it was not requested within the proper time frame. Strange that on the 16th of March I was told it was in the time frame. You took the money out of my account on 3/13/09 and two of those days were the weekend, not business days (as you stated your refund policy was for 7-14 business days). I spoke to Noel, a supervisor today, who said he would contact the corporate office, and to check back in 24-48 hours. Haven't I waited long enough? I am a recovering Heart Attack patient and this stress is not good for me. I hope my family doesn't have to sue you! I've been more than patient! I expect a reponse today!

Nancy George
N  9th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Ewa Beach
United States

While looking through my bank statements I noticed this website transferred funds in the amount of $28.95. I looked up this website and at no time did I even visit or inquire about it. I tried to contact the listed number but unable to get through (recording only at the customer service number). I did contact my bank & fortunately I am able to stop any further deductions from this company.
A  14th of Apr, 2009 by 
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wirefly i went through and id pro alert took my money 29.99 and iam disabled aiam on a fixed income and they have not returned it i tryed many rttimes to get in contact with them there no way this is a lot of bull ithink they should be put out of buines theyre a bunch of ripoff ineed my money then i got charged 37.50 overdraft fee cause they didnt wait til the date they said they would i dont what else to do iam so angry with this companyy
A  14th of Apr, 2009 by 
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iam so angry with id pro alert they took 2999 from my bank account they promised me they would wait til a certain date they didnt and it cost me 3750overdraftfee because whast they did iam on a fixed income i told them that they are a bunch of ripoffs i wish they would get treated how they traet there consumers and see how they feel iam very diapointed with tis company
N  27th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I am very upset with this company since it became a discount from my account for $ 28.95 without my authorization, they say that I fill out an application in Octubre/2008 to protect my identity, but I'm sure not having filled that request. What I do not understand is how to spend 6 months left to make the first discount.

Henry from Kissimmee, Fl
N  4th of Jun, 2009 by 
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I Never signed up for this Idpro.I kept noticing that on my bank statements that I had overdraft(electronic) charges that i did't know where it was coming from. I called the bank and they advised me that they were going to dispute this transaction, and advised me to also call this company and cancel this service my 1st response was how could I cancell something that I didn't do!? Anyway I called the company and they advised me of my address but not the apartment # they also stated that the account was opened from a credit card company, I advised them that I didn't have any credit cards. then they went on to tell me how they got the information thru a loan service this was the 2nd lie so finally i just told them to cancel and give me a confirmation no. in which they didn't act like they wanted to do, because I had to ask 3-4 times for the confirmation no. who are these people and how do they get your information. Also take into account that I have never activated my account much less put in money in my personal checking or savings so how did they get my personal information!!! Someone needs to look into this type of FRAUD!!!
A  18th of Jun, 2009 by 
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To everyone plagued by IDPROALERT, we need to determine the state in which their brick and mortor building exists. These people have perpetrated obvious fraudulent acts on ALL of us. I suggest each and every victim go online and file a formal complaint with the Federal Trade Commission. They have an online complaint form you can submit instantly. In addition, since from this website, it appears that this company is operating across state lines, I suggest, and I intend to immediately contact the Office of the Attorney General of the United States/ fraud unit. In addition, somebody should call the "Oprah" show, and contact the Better Business Bureaus in each state where you live.

We might also consider getting together to file a class action suit to recoup the monies we have defrauded out of.

Send me messages with suggestions.

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