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idownloadall / idownloadall

1 United States Review updated:

Having been taken to the idownloadall site from the torrentreactor site, I checked the integrity of idownloadall and found the complaints lodged against idownloadall here, on (thanks for the info).

I decided to investigate further and found that, regardless of the search text, torrentreactor generates 5 psuedo-torrents under the heading "External search results:" and any of these takes the user to idownloadall!

Clicking any of the "Search results on other respected sites" icons will also take the user to idownloadall!

Initially giving torrentreactor the benefit of the doubt, I lodged a post on the torrentreactor forum.

The text, and the administrator's response is as follows:
... Begin ...
If torrentreactor is legit why do searches for torrents on the torrentreactor site direct the user to "idownloadall" sites?

A little research reveals that idownloadall is PURE scam (charging US$66 for a NON-EXISTENT service - not the stated US$26 for the non-existent service)

I recommend checking the following complaints site:

to get a proper sense of what is going on under torrentreactor's nose.

Could it be that torrentreactor is involved in this fraudulent activity?

To torrentreactor: If you are clean, then why not ban the fraudsters?

As we harvest torrents from other sites as well it is clear that some fraudulent sites are harvested as well. I'll ask the staff to exclude this site from harvesting.

Torrentreactor is not involved in any fraudulent activity.

Thanks for your report.
At your service,


Thank for your attention on this.

However, checking the other sites under "Search results on other respected sites" on the torrentreactor page reveals that they ALL eventually end up back on an "idownloadall" page - indicating that they are ALL fraudulent!

To summarise:
1.) Searching from the torrentreactor home page will ALWAYS yield a list of 5 computer-generated pseudo-torrents displayed under the heading: "External search results:" and ANY of these will take the user directly to the idownloadall site.

2.) Clicking on ANY of the "Search results on other respected sites" icons will eventually take the user to the idownloadall site (or to an equivalently fraudulent site [they all have the same generated lists of torrents and the same money-scamming procedure]).

As an illustration, I suggest that anyone reading this try the following:
a) In the Search Box bash your keyboard to enter something like "ftytgyugyuhyu"
b) Click the Search button and you will a list of 5 torrents for "ftytgyugyuhyu"!!!
c) Clicking any of the "Respected Sites" will bring up offers to sell you the right to download "ftytgyugyuhyu"!!!

I am prepared to accept that the "Torrentreactor search results:" are valid, BUT torrentreactor REALLY needs to lift its game and clean up its site before word gets out about the fraudulent sites being promoted on its own site.
... End ...

Unsurprisingly, once the Second Posting had been lodged, ALL of the above was removed from the forum by the administrator, confirming that TORRENTREACTOR IS INDEED INVOLVED IN THE SCAMMING!!!

Others have discovered these facts about torrentreactor (you can try this for yourself) ...

Paste the above text into your browser and laugh at the result.

There is no doubt that torrentreactor is involved in fraudulent activity so ... SPREAD THE WORD and bring them to sudden halt.

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  • Rj
      1st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes
    idownloadall - Hidden cost to sign up
    United States

    Advertised for 26.00 dollars US for unlimited service (downloads). Signed up and the bill was $66.31. DO NOT SIGN UP AT THIS SITE!!

    Does not state on the main order form that there will be extra charges.

    Also I have been trying to log on and I can not. This was all done today 8-1-09 12:45 PM.

    Do Not sign up for this site as I mentioned before

  • Jg
      5th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    So mad! Got scammed!!! The additional OPTION of netspyprotector for $14.88 is anything BUT optional. It's automatically tacked on with no way of removing it. Plus, I see no real benefits of this website. the 360 sharing just takes you to Limewire. Anything that this website claims to do can be done on your own. DON'T purchase this product!
    FINALLY, I've been trying to get through to their customer support to cancel my "free 7 day trial" and I just get a message saying that the call center is closed for training and to call back after 3 pm est. Well, I just tried calling again (after 3 pm est) and got the same message, then a disconnect.

  • Jg
      5th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    P.S. idownloadall is also know as " BEWARE!!!

  • Ja
      21st of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes
    idownloadall - no way to make contact
    United States

    i downloaded a pay service for $26.00 .. it has a 15 day money back policy. it is just a junk site, did not do the things it promised. i want my money back but there is noway to find them. i have been trying for 2 days...i have had the pay service 3 days. i strongly warn anybody not to do business with this company

  • Ka
      30th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Good job, man!!! I was going to buy this "Life time membership" and dicided to chech this site for scam. Your comment just saved me $66 or more AND a lot of time and nerves(which is more important). Thanks a lot!!!

  • Ko
      11th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes
    idownloadall - Hiddencost
    New Hampshire
    United States

    Advertised as $26.00, but billed for $56.00. Tried to contact the agent, no luck.
    Here's an e-mail address, which comes back as failed delivery:
    "Customer Service"

    Not living up to their sales pitch.

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