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Idling / idling

1 Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Review updated:
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A simple stop at a gas station or near a bank is living proof of how many people idle !!! It is unfair and disrespectful to the citizens and to the environment! The government should completely outlaw unnecessary idling . Idling of any form is not worth the amount of air contaminated .I have witnessed many idle only to keep their air conditioner running .I have also witnessed many cars around the city of Edmonton idling without any passengers -for well over 15 minutes in some cases!!! I If we even have a chance at saving our planet we should take those chances now ...and idling is selfish and careless ! It is absolutely unacceptable !

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  • Ph
      1st of Sep, 2009
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    Don't worry, the planet has survived for millions of years and it will continue to thrive.
    I am not making excuses for people to idle their vehicles but some have reasons. maybe they have a medical reason like asthma, heart problems or severe allergy's. The inside of a vehicle can get to over 100 degrees in the summer and it can be very stressful on some people. Most people are responsible. Diesel trucks are supposed to idle after highway use to allow the motor to cool down, it makes them more efficient as the miles build up.
    Maybe the government should go after folks like you who can't find something better to occupy their time, always watching what other people do.
    Have you ever seen the movie nineteen eight four?
    By the way a recently AL Gore was speaking down south ( he makes millions of dollars a year in speaking fees using his private jet to get around) and a local TV station found two of his private limos parked around the back idling.

  • Sa
      2nd of Sep, 2009
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    Well maybe there wouldnt be people with asthma if the air quality wasnt so bad . What is the point in sitting in your car to deal with breathing problems if the moment that you step ouside there is no air to clean breathe . And why should the government go after me .?And who said I was supporting Al Gore?! ..the reason that the planet will not survive any longer than 20 years is that nobody gives a damn ! Yes some people have reasons but what are they worth in the end !? I dont know where you come from or what your background is but clearly you are against me on this issue .Thrive on ... I guess you are content with where this is going.

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