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IDL services/Intellicall Op Services / bogus charges on phone bill

1 Eagle Springs, NC, United States

I looked through my Embarq Telephone bill and saw a $14.99 charge by IDL services INC & intellicall OP services for a call made from a local number to my home telephone. My husband called the number to find out who it was. It was a fax machine. I called Embarq and they said that it was a collect call. So, someone with a business or home telephone fax machine made a collect call to my LOCAL home phone with operator assistance. Who in the world makes a COLLECT phone call from their home fax number or business fax number to a LOCAL number with operator assistance? The call did NOT come from a pay phone but from someone's home fax number or business fax number. The call supposedly lasted 2 minutes and the charge was $14.99 plus tax $1.05. Although the number was local, I do not know that number or anyone that I would accept a collect phone call from using that number. I have accepted NO COLLECT phone calls from that number nor from anyone in Biscoe, NC where the called supposedly came from. I don't even call or know anyone in that local area to call, or that would call me. So, I called IDL and I told them that it was a fax machine. The IDL customer service person called the number as well and told me that it was a fax machine. He told me that he is crediting the money back to my phone bill and gave me a confirmation number. He also told me to call Embarq and let them know that I will not be paying that portion of the bill and to tell Embarq that portion of the bill from IDL was credited to my account and to give Embarq the confirmation number. When I called Embarq, the lady tried to act as though the situation wasn't ridiculous, when it definitely was.
We wondered then if Embarq was in on it with this company.

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