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Idearc Media / Scam and cheating!

1 United States Review updated:

We notified Idearc Media Rep that we did not want to renew our contract in Jan. 2007. He took the call, but didn't tell us that we had to contact them in writing. In March 2007, we wrote a letter to Idearc Media regarding the renewal of our advertising contract. We finally received a response in May 2007 that our contract would not be renewed in Jan. 2008 !! We received notification from a collection agency in Sept 2007. Payment was made by electronic funds.

Two weeks later, Idearc had not posted the electronic payment. When we called they said that the person taking the electronic payment didn't process it correctly and that we would have to pay it again, which we did. Amazing, the next day BOTH electronic payments were posted. We not had a credit.

Nov. 2007 request was made for refund. A call on Jan. 2, 2008 assured us that the refund was being processed, would take 4-6 weeks.

Jan 28, 2008, we received a new bill. It seems that the new directory wasn't going to be printed until Feb. so we were charged another month of directory service. We were told the "old" request for refund was not processed, so a "new" request would be made and it would take 4 - 6 weeks to process.

Don't make any electronic payments or credit card payments to this company. In fact, don't do any advertising with this company - they are rip off artists!

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  • La
      17th of Jan, 2008
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    I set up with Synethia Turner, a prominent sales rep at the company, for book advertising 4 months ago. I recently got my copy of said yellow pages, and my ad was nowhere to be found. When I try to call her to find out why my ad hasn't been placed, she avoids me and doesn't return my calls.

    This is not the first issue that I've had in regards to advertising with this company. If you must advertise in any of Idearc's (Verizon) phone books, get everything in writing...

  • Su
      27th of Mar, 2008
    -2 Votes

    These accusations of scams at Idearc are unfounded.

    Idearc Media is an extremely reputable ethical company. All invoices have contact numbers right on the invoice for you to call if you have questions. If your complaint is legitimate and if you overpaid for advertising you will get a refund. Idearc works with it's customers for all kinds of accomodations and pay arrangments to make sure they can advertise, even when they are months behind in their bills. This advertising usually is the very thing that makes businesses successful. What do you think is making the telephone ring at a Pizza place, or for a contractor, pest control services, physicians offices etc? It's the phone book!!! They even design the ads at no extra cost.

    This site talks about cancellations not being processed. A cancellation must have proper authorization. Leaving a voice mail or stating abruptly that you want to cancel and then hanging up is not legally binding. All advertisers are notified of their renewals and of any rate changes etc . All are given a number to call if they want to cancel. Idearc honors ALL properly authorized cancellations and if a mistake happens where an ad gets printed in error, if the cancellation authorization is on file, then Idearc issues a credit. Every time, no exceptions. Idearc has a record of all renewal signatures and voice recorded authorizations (RAP) If you bought it, you have to pay for it like anything else in this world.

    For smaller accounts renewals are done by mail. In the letter it states clearly that your ads or listings will be renewed unless you notify Idearc in writing. Or you can contact a sales rep and do the RAP authorization over the phone. The letter also contains a number to call. You can't just leave a message and hang up. It's simply not legally binding. Any unauthorized person could ruin a business by cancelling ads that the business needs. Idearc has to be careful in order to protect its customers. Idearc is not all that difficult to get a hold of. I have called the customer service and billing deparments many times with questions and have always been able to get through and get my issues resolved.

    Or, if your account is being handled by a rep, you must return the rep's call and properly authorize the cancellation with a signature or a RAP recording if your renewal is under a certainly monthly amount. You must get the confirmation number for the cancellation. If you do that everything will be fine. Idearc has excellent relationships with the large majority of it's customers and Idearc bends over backwards to provide a great service at an honest price. Thanks to Idearc thousands of businesses are succeeding and people are prospering. There is no scam here, just good solid business practices for your protection and Idearc's.

  • Mi
      15th of Jul, 2008
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    Idearc is not an ethical company. They know at all levels of their company that their sales team will do and say anything to maintain or sell an account, including fraud and lying. I have spoken to many service personel in Idearc that readily admit that they use fraud and deceit, but refuse to do anything about it.

    I refuse to do business with them and I am also looking into switching away from verizon as I do not want to support a company that allows this kind of business to represent them.

  • Sc
      22nd of Jul, 2008
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    Idearc Media - Failed to preform
    United States

    Idearc took my money for an ad in one of their publications then the publication folded. No refund, no results, no response to my complaints. Idearc took my order for Yellow Pages Advertising. They failed to get my number in the White Pages or on 411 information after promising to do so.

    Glad to see the other complaints. Next I will send a letter cancelling my advertising so it doesn't renew.

  • Ja
      7th of Aug, 2008
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    I beg to differ with Sue. I was harrassed into agreeing to an ad that I didn't want. I listened carefully to the recorded statement that all cancellations had to be requested in writing, within 14 days. And that I would receive the address in the welcome package. That was 4 April. The welcome package arrived on 11 April. I carefully read the cancellation instructions, noting that the address to mail the cancellation to was a post office box. But, I could fax the written request to the specified number.

    I faxed the cancellation request on 11 April at 10:31 pm and received a confirmation of successful transmission. At the end of April, I received a bill for a month's advertising. I immediately called the company number. The rep I spoke to said the fax had not been received. Asked what number I had sent it to. Was told that the number was not located in the appropriate office. Would I refax it to the number she gave me. I did. She received it, and said that she would have the charges removed as I had complied with the 14 day stipulation.

    At the end of May I received a bill for the 1st month and also the second month. I called again, furious I admit, and was told that the account had not been cancelled. I asked to speak to the rep whom I had dealt with previously (her "direct line phone number" was a call center number). She wasn't answering her phone, so the customer service person I was speaking with instant messaged her. The upshot was that it was taking some time to get the charges dropped.

    Then in June, I received a bill for the 1st two months again. I tried calling again, but was informed the computers were down.

    Today, I received a bill for the 1st two months, plus 2 months interest. I intend to take the problem directly to the Texas Attorney General and Better Business Bureau, as well as the Dallas Chamber of Commerce.

  • Ja
      16th of Sep, 2008
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    Oh please Sue. Its very obvious that you work for Idearc with your knowledge of RAP and all the other BS they have. First of all Idearc does not refund, they offer free products instead of giving up money so your fist point was a blatant lie. Then you say "they even design the ads for no extra costs". Have you seen some of those ads? My nine year old nephew does better work.
    Now lets talk about the cancellations you fraud. You said that Idearc issues a credit if an ad got printed in error and if the have the cancelation on file? Thats just the point. You guys never file the cancellation so it appears as though we, the customers, never contacted you so you renewed the ads based on your infamous terms and conditions.
    Now lets address that RAP nonsense. When I advertised with you guys back in the day, it was called AFNI, not sure its the same thing. My rep must have gotten the voice agreement from his colleague because I surely didn't do it. I called to complain and they said the same bs, "we have a voice recording of the agreement". OK sounds good, can you please play it back for me then? Ofcourse only then when they couldnt do that they stated that only a selected few are recorded. How convenient.
    And lets not talk about the customer "disservice" number. Thats a whole different issue. When my ad was erronously "renewed" it had my old business name since I had changed it. I called customer service to complain and they said, "well thats just the name. Since the number is correct you have to still pay 90% of the charges". What kind of logic is that? Well I never agreed to the damn ad so I finally got my money back after a letter from my attorney.

    Now lets talk about the uneducated sleezy managers that Idearc has. Once I tried getting intouch with my reps manager and trust me, its probably easier getting in touch with the pope. Even if you do get to talk to them they are all a bunch of wasted salaries since they ALWAYS have to get "approval". Good luck in getting that done.

  • Ga
      7th of Oct, 2008
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    That complaint word for word could of been written by me.

    I finally got my account canceled, however they still want a payment for one last month.

    Also, when my ad finally did come down, I saw no impact at all on my business. I would bet I didn't get a single sale off my ad

    There are much better places to spend your marketing dollars. DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH IDEARC

  • Pu
      14th of Oct, 2008
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    I started advertising with Verizon/Idearc in 2006
    I was contacted by a someone who turned out to be a sales rep (pat temean)only after I went to her house for an estimate to do work. she told me she worked for Verizon, she made them sound liek the next best thing to sliced bread, so I went to tqalk & signed on for the works, told me how I was going to get all this work & how I goint to be able to handle all the wotk I wwas going to get. Well i found out the hard way they are full of it and that they are scam artist's.I have been attempting to get out my contract, a new rep came over and told me how he could change my ad so it would work much better than the first time around, so I signed on another year, what was I thinking, Again a few months later trying to cancel contract, sorry you signed for a year nothing can be done. I have sent letters, faxes, emails, no one responds, noone cares, now I owe them almost $12, 000, when I first tryed to cancel I owed $3, 000.00. I have been contwacte by a collection agency, have sent them letters as well as repsonse

    what to do now!!!
    I have not paid them much at all, my problem is that if they see you are unable to pay the invoices shouldnt that raise a red flag and they should contact to see if theres a problem. guess not

  • An
      20th of Oct, 2008
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    I got Riped off too!
    Hey pass your attorneys number down, please.
    The person signing the contract is not the person being billed, pretty simple common sense. This company renews all adds, so even thought your being told that you are paying for 12/13 months. You are not. In the signed area of the agreement it states "your contract maybe renewed..." Leaving room for the salesman to con you, saying if you chose to renew. At no time was I told or read that I must write a cancled note, in fact the exact opposite was told. I don't get into renewed contracts at all.
    What is this welcome package? As well as the terms and conditions, I didn't get the welcome package.
    Well Idearc Media here is my wecome package. I will tell every business I know how shady you are. Not to mention I got maybe five calls from your ad crappy free set up design.

  • Yv
      21st of Oct, 2008
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    Very unscrupulous company that should be sued. I will never do business with them again. Thanks to all who have posted complaints. This has helped me and because of the complaints, I will cancel my contract in writing and send certified mail so that it will not be automatically be renewed.
    I wanted to cancel a few months after I signed up with these people because of the incompetent and unscrupulous representative I had to deal with. I too have been lied to and given the runaround, however, I have not seen a copy of my ad which was published in the October yellow book. I had to call the distribution department to request one and I hope that it comes in my lifetime. All I can say is heaven help Idearc Media if my business phone number is not correct because the online ad does not have the correct number. I just want to make sure that the book has the correct number because I have been told that they can correct the online mistake. I shall see but if the book has the incorrect business phone number, then that can't be corrected and I will sue them for every penny I can get. Heaven help them if they place me in collection for failure to pay the bill, this will only give me more ammunition to sue them.

  • Jo
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    I placed ads in 2 Idearc phone books: Sewickley, Pa and Washington, pa. The rep that handled the ad was Theresa Brown, rep # 52503. The Sewickley book had my ad in it but the Washington book omitted my name. This is the 2nd year this mistake was made. I placed a call as well as e-mailed Theresa Brown with no return communication. What kind of business is this. Since Verizon turned over their yellow pages to Idearc there doesn't seem to be much concern for the customers. They sure are eager to get your money but not much concern over the quality of work they do. We place ads in the yellow pages to generate business so that our businesses flourish. I am very disgusted. I would like to have a rep from Pittsburgh, Pa to handle my advertising.

  • Jo
      6th of Nov, 2008
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    Until I started to read the complaints I thought I was the only one who had such difficulty with Idearc. I like how they take all you info with sincere intent to publish your ad and either publish it wrong or neglect to publish it at all. I agree this company should be sued or turned into the attorney general's office at the very least. When we take the time or waste the time giving all the info to a rep we trust that they will do what they promise to do. So much for the saying "a man is as good as his word".

  • Ma
      7th of Nov, 2008
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    I am a business owner and I have been advertising with Idearc/ Verizon since 1999.

    In these days everyone knows you have to read terms and conditions for anything that you agree to, whether its a credit card, online purchase or advertisement... reading terms and conditions is something that a good business owner, customer or anyone should be accustomed to since there are many frauds out there. If you read the terms and conditions before you agree to the advertisement, then it wouldnt be a shock to you that you have to cancel in writing, or that there are only 14 days to cancel, or that you would be responsible for the full life of the directory whether its 12, 13 or 14 months- This is all common sense and if you dont have the common sense to read a companies terms and conditions then you clearly dont have the capabilities to run a successful business..

    On the idearc contract its clearly states that by signing the contract you agree to the terms and conditions so maybe if you dont agree to those terms you shouldnt sign the contract??

    To speak with a sales manager all you have to do is call customer service and advise the customer service rep who the sales rep is and they will gladly get you on the line with the sales manager..

    Nobody can force you to sign a contract, everyone is there own person so if anyone feels that someone is harassing them into advertising, they should be contacting the authorities- not complaining about it on a website. Just like you would do if someone else was harassing you..

    Obviously in this economy its hard for sales reps to sell ads or anything so they have to work harder to sell them and in turn they dont have the time to answer questions once they sell an ad because they have to move on to the next customer that they are selling to, otherwise they wont meet there numbers and will be fired. So clearly when it comes to getting fired to answer all questions or sell more to keep your job, a rep will sell more.

    COMMON SENSE- dont run a business if you dont have it!!!

  • Su
      25th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    OUCH, Maria!!
    That last line HURT... May I share my experience with Idiots - er - Idearc? Last year, I called to advertise in their book. The sales person said that the deadline had passed sometime ago, but if I hurried TODAY, I could sign a faxed agreement to pay 12 installments. She faxed one hardly legible piece of paper, which I saw "one year agreement", and decided to sign.
    FACT: After one year, we received not even ONE call from the listing! I cancelled by jumping through all the proper hoops. Was I ever surprised to get a bill for the 13th installment! I was informed that I signed their terms and conditions which stated under item 25 that if it takes them longer to get the book out to each and every section of covered area, they can bill up to 16 installments!!! Wait a minute: They fail to do their job and I have to pay? Also, I had them mail me the Terms & Conditions. 5 pages of 7 pt narrow type, and it's ino Lawyer Lingo! They should have mailed it to me after I signed the faxed, but they didn't. I am fighting it, and believe me, if they don't back off, I will write the consumer column of the three major newspapers in this area. I will get them where it hurts, 'cause that's just the kind of gal I am!

  • Ma
      27th of Nov, 2008
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    I used to work for Idearc Media... I feel bad on what has happened to that company de-listed on the NYSE, but they knew it was coming.

    When I had a customer that states they did not authorize a renewal, I told them to call customer service and you should not be charge. You just have to keep trying.

    Sorry to say, I'm so glad I left there because I'm loving my new job. Idearc (thumbs down)

  • Ja
      15th of Dec, 2008
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    Guys the CEO of the company is Scoot Klein. Email him all your complaints so he can be aware and know the BS they do.

  • Ja
      21st of Jan, 2009
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    Idearc Media does not care about it's customers...I was fired after speaking out such problems there.I hope they go out of business.

  • Ba
      22nd of Jan, 2009
    -1 Votes

    Annette, you just need to write a letter stating to cancel, a memo is then sent to the rep at the begining of the market. Yes, a collection agency will call you if you don't pay your bill, its common sense. Low level accounts do get sent out to a center that sends letters that you must respond to or it auto renews. Look at this like your cable bill. The double charges suck. I would be real pissed off myself, but if you paid your bill you wouldn't be in this situation in the first place. You did receive a credit back on your account and if you complained a little more they might have given you a free product or money off you bill.

    Sue, a lot of people probably are very ethical, but like in all businesses, it take one or two to give a bad name to everyone. People complain for any reason. I do it. If I receive a drink at the bar that is not made right, I complain, if I receive a quote for a product then the company tries to charge me more, I complain. Most people only speak about the horrible things that happen. They are not going to tell you that XYZ company had an ROI of 10:1 on thier advertising or ABC company was ont he verge of bankruptcy until a rep spoke to them about how to change their business around.

    Mike, you receieve no comment. You have no solid statements rather than I know people who said this or that or do this or that. Well I know people in all industries that act unethically. Yes, sometimes I do not do business with them, but sometimes I still do. As a person you need to learn how to sourt out the good and the bad and then make a decision. By the way switching your Verizon service has no effect on anything. Switch it, to your surprise no one cares.

    Jay, you must have advertised back in the day. You were probably with GTE or maybe when Verizon just took over. If you looked at the terms and conditions you would see an error in the name is adjusted 100%. Now keep in mind, there will be push back. Do you know how many small business owners try to screw companies? I have to sourt threw companies that change their name and phone number, who never pay their bill then try to readvertise with us. Either that or they company every year about something. You owned a business and I can say in 100% certainty, without even knowing what industry or anything about your moral person that if a customer started complaining you would lay down and say you are right here you go what ever you want is yours. You are going to look into it before you do anything. So use some sense when you are talking. The managers are very busy, that is true. Also, they deal with high level accounts a lot. If you were billing out a couple hundred a month and since you were audio recorded I'm assuming you were a low level account then a manager speaking with you about this is a waste of time. Sad, but true. When you look at huge corporations sometimes Joe Customer who invests 2, 000 a year gets over looked by Ideal Customer who doesn't complain knows the market and industry and spend 10, 000 a month. Its the nature of the beast. My advice is do some research before you complain about something and get what you are properly intitled to. You are a business owner, you know how customers are.

    Janice, you are probably the biggest waste of space ever. You have no backbone to tell a sales rep, "NO"? If you are a business owner, you must be a poor one or one that gets walked all over consistently. You wanted to cancel before it was even authorized, tell the rep.

    Gary, get a call tracker placed in your ad and if you have a 1 or 2 inch ad you will not recieve calls you need to have at the very least a credit card size ad and even then it is a waste of money if there is a lot of competition there. You must have had a ### rep who didn't tell you that Idearc has Search Engine Marketing with Google and Yahoo and they have (the #1 online yellow pages), they also have direct mail sent in packets and sent individually. You can get all your advertisements tracked. I should start my own business, I know I can do better than you idiots.

    Juls are you slow or just stupid? The terms and conditions is about 10 pages long. Do you really think that a rep at any store will read that to you? You are a busines owner, probably have the basic skills to read, so read.

    Joan, cancel on your rep if you don't like them or they made an error. Then go back in with another rep. Always ask for a proof on your ad. Then save the ad so if there is a problem you have a copy of it. Don't let a rep say they cannt get you a proof, any ad can get a proof. even that small 1 inch ad, a rep can create for you. If they are selling it make them do some work.

    Maria, you must be sucessful, everyone read her reply. It will teach you all how to conduct business. She appears to be doing well, has been in business for a decade. She also knows to check and double check before she committs to anything. Maria, you are one of the only sensible people. Thank you.

    Margarett...a thought a listing (name and phone number) would bring you business. BE REAL. You dumb ###. I bet your name began with a Z too. Either that or you were a conartist that call themselves AAA or A. A listing will not bring you any business, it is just for referrals to find you. I never once thought to myself, that person has a great looking LISTING I'm calling them...look it's even bold and has red...they must be good. Put yourself int he consumers shoes. The rep, was probably bad, companys do have bad reps. They probably thought let me talk to this customer who wants in our bookand you probably said you just want a listing and wouldn't listen. Now you are complaining. Some reps are very very good and they will suggest exactly what you need to better your business. Just listen to them and then find out what fits you best. Don't just say sure to everything they suggest really look at the program.

    Jay, do you really think the CEO is going to have time to listen this? That is what a complaint department is for. Business owners need to just stand firm and say no I want more I want more, but don't abuse it (ie. call in every year with a minimal problem just to get something free or discounted).

    Jabny, you probably couldn't sell a heater to an eskimo, that's why you were fired or you did some unethical bs that has caused these people to get so pissed. If you got fired for that get an attorney, you have a lawsuit. If not then shut up and come to the realization advertising sales isn't for you.

  • Ia
      24th of Jan, 2009
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  • Ma
      26th of Jan, 2009
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    Barney. Wow, you seem to know everything about everything. Mind your own business, [censored]!

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