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Idearc Media / Idearc Media published ad without authorization

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Idearc Media -

Idearc Media is part of Verizon, they publish phone directories. A sales rep called me to discuss renewal of my ad and I told him that I have retired and do not want any more advertising then I quickly got of the phone because I know how pushy these guys are about making a sale. about a month and a half later, I was phoned again and again I said that I did not want any more advertising, he said 'are you telling me that you give me permission to cancel your advertising?' I said 'That's exactly what I am telling you'. We said our good byes and I figured that the case was closed.

Well when the book came out there was my ad! I called their so called 'customer service' department to notify them of their screw up and was told that it is now too late to cancel my ad because it is 'already out there' as if it is MY fault that they published an unauthorized ad. I received a bill for $1377 for their unauthorized ad. Now, What do I do, Suck it up, pay it and save my good credit? Can a very well known ('can you hear me now?') company like Verizon allow Idearc Media to operate to the detriment of their good name? The only thing that they may hear will be their victims shouting from the rooftops how they got ripped off.

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  • Ca
      6th of Nov, 2007
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    They are doing the exact same thing to me. However I wanted to stay with the company and contacted them because my business that was listed had closed and I had opened a new business. They sent someone out that was brand new with the company and he new nothing about changing over an account so he took my business card and said he would contact me in a couple of weeks to let me know it was completed. Well he contacted me two weeks later to inform me that he still did not know anything and was waiting for his supervisor to let him know how to do the paperwork and said I might have to come to their office to finish necessary paperwork. I said that would be fine and never heard from him again. I called about 3 weeks later to be informed the guy no longer worked for the company and had to be passed from person to person to be told a new sales agent would be addressed to my account. Well that was crock!! I never heard from anyone and when I called to pay on my account in Feb. I asked the person what was going on. He told me he could tell that the account had been started and that someone had been addressed to the account. I explained nobody had contacted me back after the last time and that it needed to be changed so when the new book in April came out it would be updated with the correct business and I would not be paying for something I don't provide anymore. He said it would not be a problem and it was a matter of pressing cancel on one account and changing the billing address and name. That was it. Well I received the new phone book only to notice that A-Z Petcare was still in the book and NO A Bark Above was to be found. I tried calling the company but only got a busy signal or put on hold for over 20 minutes and would just hang up. I finally received a collection notice and had to get new phone numbers from them to contact the business. Finally I get a hold of an actual person and to hear well it seemed fishy that they had my other business listed but then to receive a call back saying it was because the phone company sent it over not me. What crap is that. Well since the first guy didn't give me any paperwork I am screwed. I called corporate and said you could tell someone had been working on my account due to the fact that the business name and information had been changed on the super pages account and I did not do that. Well of course he comes back with anyone can change the information on the account and he does not have access to who changed the info and when. What a bunch of crap. So I hear I sit wondering well am I going to have to suck it up and pay the account or how can I prove that I did my job and they failed at theirs!!! We need to get everyone that has gone through this together since it is all the same thing and get this company known as scandals!! Look on the better business bureau to see that they are in unsatisfactory standings because of complaints made!!! We are not the only ones. Who else is out there?!?

  • Pa
      15th of Dec, 2007
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    These unethical scam artists got me too! You should contact the Texas Attorney General and the department of consumer affairs in your area and in Texas with your complaints. Their customer "service" departments just recite the company line, do nothing to help. So much for customer good will!

  • Ja
      24th of Dec, 2007
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    I got suckered by these gu7s too. Tried to contact my sale rep and I don't even have one. Meanwhile they've never consulted me on updating my ad and no review process. Basically I have to pay another year of ad with wrong info because they never contact me and just renewed it without my consent. I am contacting the California State AG and BBB.

  • Pa
      11th of Jan, 2008
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    My company is going through HELL with these people! Calling office 4-5 times a day and now we need to seek professional help from our Attorney!
    What more can I do. We have contacted the Attorney Generals offices here in California.

  • Ke
      18th of Jan, 2008
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    This has to be the worst customer service that I have ever dealt with. They gave me the same info that everyone else is getting. If anyone has any info on attorneys and how we can file a class action suit against this compay please post the info.


  • Mi
      4th of Feb, 2008
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    Idearc Media will not act on cancellation of a telelphone advertising ad (Verizon Yellow Pages). The fact is they do not provide any means to do this. These people at Idearc Media are beyond disreputable; they are scam artists and corporate criminals. Refuse to pay. Contact comsumer affairs TV programs in you area and state Attorneys General offices.

  • Bi
      16th of Feb, 2008
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    I'm the guy Idearc hopes would never surfaces.
    email me and I'll tell you how to sue them and win and get paid!
    I just did.
    Idearc is suing their former employee for FRAUD.
    This is a link to the details:
    If you were a victim of MANN, JAMES DONALD you just won BIG.
    Idearc has admitted in COURT DOCUMENTS that he was their employee and he committed FRAUD.
    If you were not his client, cheer up. I've just showed you how to research this.
    Please take this info and post it all over the web so others will find it. These bums need a hard lesson.
    Thanks to all.

  • Pa
      26th of Feb, 2008
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    Never called about changes needed to ad, just did their auto-renew and said too bad for you.

    I hate these guys more than I can say!!!!!!

  • He
      28th of Feb, 2008
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    Contact the Better Business Bureau and your State's Attorney General for resolution.

  • Le
      25th of Mar, 2008
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    In January of 2008 we received our first bill from Idearc Media, Inc. Not knowing who they were, we investigated and found they were handling the Verizon Print Directories. We decided to cancel since the directory was really of no use to us.

    After notifying Idearc in writing that we wished to cancel we were informed that we could not cancel until September of 2008.

    Since this company was new to us, we had not received any explanation of the change and we had not received a renewal notice, we feel we are being taken advantage of.

    We asked for a copy of the written contract and were told that the contract was verbal and was made by an employee in our San Dimas office which has been closed for 2 years. We were able to obtain a copy of the third party verbal verification, but nothing else.

    Today I tried to get to the bottom of things and was transferred at least 5 times and was hung up on twice. Eventually I encountered Elliott Levi who told me that we were on automatic renewal and that renewal notices were rarely sent out and would have gone to our non existent San Dimas office. He told me that if there was no response to the notice then the assumption is to publish the ad. All cancellations must be in writing.

    We did not have the opportunity to cancel because we were not informed of the renewal until we received the first bill. At that point, it was too late. In addition, the bill came from a company we did not recognize.

    Idearc has used unethical business practices to force us into paying for advertising we do not want. The dollar amount may be small, but we may sue just on principle.

  • Ma
      15th of Apr, 2008
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    Last March I closed my business in FL. I was paying Idearc monthly and had agreed to publish my ad in the 2007 book. So I called and explained that I was closing my business and would like to make a final payment. I never gave the issue another thought until I received the 2008 book at my home, there's my ad. Each year an agent would call and request changes or suggest an upgrade. Since I had canceled my phone service in May an agent must have reached a non working business number and decided that I wanted to run my ad for another year. I called Idearc customer service and was told that I should have requested in writing that I wanted to cancel my advertising, and that my ad was auto renewed since I had not done so. I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told that they do not escalate calls. I mentioned to the customer service rep. that I had seen many other people with the same issue as mine, and asked why did this occur so often. She stated “I guess they did not read their contract either”.

    It seems apparent that Idearc/Verizon intentionally does not inform customers when they state that they do not wish to continue their advertising on the phone, that they must do so in writing. You are left with a few bad choices, don’t pay and negatively affect your credit rating, pay and have your hard earned money extorted from you, sue and if you have read the contract, risk paying their expenses if you do not prevail.

    For now I am paying, and have already disconnected my Verizon home phone service in favor of the no contract cable provider, and have vowed to never pay Verizon another dime. I am going to file a complaint with my local BBB and hope for a class action suit in the future.

  • Jo
      3rd of Jun, 2008
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  • To
      9th of Jul, 2008
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    I'm in a very similar situation though I was under a wrong assumption when I was contacted by Idearc that this was a service my phone company was offering me because I had recently switched my phone listing from residential to business but missed this years (2008) phone book print. So I was getting a listing on!
    I even asked the woman in the middle of it all, if this was something she was selling me or if this was being offered to me by my phone company (somewhere I had heard the word 'free'). She didn't speak very good english and I was under the assumption that she wasn't selling me anything just 'verfying information'. I did the whole recorded agreement in which I was told that I would recieve a 'welcome packet' and that I had 14 days to cancel. Within just a few days I got a bill from my phone company and realized, I had been 'sold' so I called the number back that the woman who 'sold me' had given me and cancelled with a man whom also didn't speak clear english. He did give me a cancellation number and I never recieved my welcome packet or anything else from Idearc until two months later. Then all I got was a bill and now all I'm getting is, I'm sorry ma'am without a cancellation number there isn't anything we can do. We'll cancel your account but that won't take place until November! In the meantime they expect me to pay the $176 per month that I cancelled. Funny they can generate a cancellation number but then conviently 'can't find record of it' later. I asked the lady "how long am I suppose to keep a cancellation number? Its been two months and I hadn't recieved anything from you guys so I assumed all was well and trashed the number and info" As with many of these stories all they have is my recorded verbal agreement I never recieved my 'welcome' packet so I don't have any fine print to read, didn't get to proof the very plain internet add, no instructions on how to cancel, nada. They are suppose to pull the entire phone recording because in my opinion the woman wasn't up front with me when I inquired "is this something you are selling me?" I also find it interesting that when I was arguing with 'Jessica' about my cancellation she said even if I had the name of the person I cancelled with they could help me, I then inquired for her to give me the name of the woman who sold to me. Well she didn't have record of that, that would be on file with the sales dept hmmmmm well that would be the dept I called back and cancelled with. "The sales department doesn't handle cancellations..." Well somebody did!!
    We'll see what happens with the phone records but I do not plan on paying and I plan on fighting however I'm nervous about our credit...

  • In
      14th of Sep, 2008
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    I just want to say for all of you that have gotten burned in california - san diego especially - If any of these reps were yours at one point in time from 2005-2007 then I would check in to any pending lawsuits against them from the company due to fraud - James Donald Mann, Shawne Marie Salmi, were sued in 2006 maybe even going into 2007 - This should help any case you may have pending that may be due to fraud -- Also for those who have been automatically renewed due to no signature on file if you have notes of days and times that would be most helpful when discussing with Customer Service - if not -- ask them when was your account assigned to the rep and who the rep was and were there any notes leading to a UTC-unable to contact -- letter being sent due to the no contact made with you . Ask for the certified letter or overnight tracking number -- as these letter must be sent this way to verify receipt - UTC are only allowable after being verified by the manager -- or after sufficient attempts have been made by the rep.
    FYI -- there is no such thing as a cancellation number -- that is diversionary -- if you do not receive a confirming copy in the mail of the zero'd out items and amounts it was NOT CANCELLED!! So here's another tip ask your rep what day it was cancelled as this is all done in VAST - sales system, and they can tell you when and by who, ask when was book close 1 and book close 2 -- if you spoke to them before these dates you had the ability to cancel - if after book close 2 you are SCREWED. Always remember that you will be blamed and held accountable, keep in mind any book you are in closes TWO Months before they publish. -- I have tons more but I'm getting tired hope this helps some of you..

  • Da
      6th of Oct, 2008
    0 Votes

    Idearc Media is a horrible company. They charged us 2, 796 dollars for service that we never asked for.

  • Ju
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    You have to sign to cancel your advertising. They can't just take your word for it. That's where people screw up. It's not the company's fault~~~!!!

  • Ja
      9th of Dec, 2008
    0 Votes

    THIS IS THE WORST SCAM EVER!!!STAY AWAY FROM THEM! If you get cought start writing complains right away to BBB, consumer protection and local channels. WE NEED TO SHUT THEM OFF!!!THEY SHOULD BE SHAMED TO BE CALLED AMERICANS!!!Their practices are ILLEGAL!!!

  • Gr
      1st of Jan, 2009
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    I’ve been screwed over by Superpages / Idearc Media and they are still trying to screw me over - even though I cancelled my account with them, and then even cancelled my credit card to stop them charging it… and they’re still demanding money!

    They seem to be especially bad with small businesses, by the way. SBA says that they prey on small business owners who have neither the time nor the legal backup to deal with their dishonest tactics.

    Out of interest, I checked to see what their own staff had to say about them. Here is a Staff Consultant in TX (2008) review:

    Point 1: Dishonest management with little or no knowledge of the business who encourage staff wrong-doing so there is always a handy scapegoat. Telco personnel ruined this business. Too bad since it used to a highly recommended place to work. No more.

    Point 2: I got good pay for little or no work. You don't need any knowledge or skills in order to employed here. Good vocabulary with the ability to blame others will get you far, however. If you are looking for job security, you may have a problem, but in the meantime, you will have decent benefits and good salary. Good bonus program for those will to kiss up to management. Lip service is all that's required to be successful here. No real work involved.

    Point 3: Advice to Senior Management: Get a clue and appreciate and promote your knowledgeable, hard-working staff. Give the boot to all the brown-nosers -- just not all at once since that's almost all you have left.

    This explains why the people I have spoken with were so incompetent, rude and such obvious liars.

  • On
      28th of Jan, 2009
    0 Votes

    They should be put out of business and the managers should all be fired and have their homes foreclosed on.

    ### of the earth

  • Ke
      3rd of Feb, 2009
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    Most of these complaints are from people who do NOT read the contract, and do not have decent reps that follow through. It's not the company's fault, and 99% of the time, it's the customer's fault...I'm sure if I looked at each of their complaints, I'd find their signature authorizing them to bill, the start and end date of the bill and notes...regarding their account.
    Most of the complaints above can be rectified easily!!!

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