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I hired Ideal Tax service to recover taxes that were rightfully mine. He charged me $1000 for the service. He contacted the IRS to which they agreed that the money was owed to me, but I never got the money. I recontacted Joe to which he said he will persue the claim, I never heard anymore from him and found out he has either moved or went out of business. He did not tell me he was closing and has all my records of the transaction with the IRS including all my bankruptcy papers. I feel for the money I paid him he did not follow through with teh recovery of my money and ran out on me with the money I paid him and with all the papers I gave him to retrieve my money. I am making this a formal complaint towards Ideal Tax Service, in reguards of not fulfilling the agreement to which I paid for.


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      Jun 14, 2010

    There are complaints all over the internet about Joe Zuniga and Ideal Tax. He is a crook, his company is a joke and his knowledge of Taxes is a farce - Just enough to get your money and run. You're lucky it was only $1000 - he took me for 3 times that. I feel really foolish. I saw one post where somebody found open boxes of returns and personal information in them sitting in an unsecured hallway. I hope it wasn't yours. Many of his kind are in jail. I hope the IRS catches up to this guy soon.

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