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Last October I purchased a Samsung Galaxy J7 through my mobile service provider's online store. The smartphone was working beautifully until Boost Mobile updated the firmware for voicemail. Suddenly, people could no longer leave me voicemail messages. I tried resolving the problem with Boost, spending many hours on the phone. It was determined that the issue lay with the Samsung phone's hardware. I contacted Samsung who told me to send the phone to their repair center in Texas. The emailed me a UPS label for shipping and tole me it would take about two weeks (11 days) to resolve. The phone went out by UPS on Feb 9, 2017. I got no word and called Samsung on Feb 23. It took the rep a while but he tracked it down and told me the phone was in line for examination. Weeks went by. Today, March 9, one month to the day I shipped the phone using the UPS system Samsung required, I call Samsung about my phone. Now they claim they never received it. I reminded the rep that I was informed in February that they had the phone but that it hadn't been examined yet. Then the rep saw a notation posted on February 27 (4 days after they told me they had my phone) in the ticketed record that they received the package but that it was empty, that the missing phone was a matter to take up with UPS. The Samsung rep told me he filed a claim with UPS for me. How nice. But to be honest, it does not make sense that they would receive the shipped package with no contents!!! I feel Samsung probably did not want to fix the phone (because it was not one manufactured in the US), that it was conveniently "misplaced." This phone was still under warranty with a retail value of about $200 that I am out of. Even though the representative who handled my call was patient and polite, it does not explain how the package arrived but no phone was in it. Because of this nonsense, I have been without my mobile phone for a month which affects my business. I am livid and will now never buy another Samsung product.

Mar 09, 2017

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