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ICICI Auto Debit / auto debit without intimation

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I have heard from many but when I personally get experienced I am really shocked..!! yes, I am talking about ICICI credit cards. There are lots of hidden charges, interest rates, and other fess, which they dont tell us before getting the card. I was forced to take the card from the ICICI credit card executive. When I used that card I got a call from the customer service from Mubai stating that my purchase will be converted to EMI and interest rate is very low as 0.8%, that was a Dewali offer. I agreed for that adn my monthly EMI was Rs. 1650/- but later after two months it went to 2000, then later 4000, when I asked there was no proper response from them and I said I wont pay any more EMI better preclose my payment. I ready to pay the remaining amount, but the manager was so cruel that he imposed all the fines and tax that my actually balance was only 8,000 odd but he asked me to pay 14,000/- I said I cant pay that amount and I didnt pay any more EMI. That amount multiplied after 7 months and now the outstanding shows Rs. 35,000/-. Can you imagine?? My actual credit limit was Rs. 21,000/-. The people who are willing to pay promptly they feel its waste to continue with ICICI. The service is very poor. I had Rs. 8700/- in my account and I had applied for personal loan in CITI finance and the amount was sanctioned and was credited in my account. The amount was Rs. 17,650/-, which I kept for my parents medical allowance. Before I could take teh amount, my balance was zero '0' Rs.17650 + Rs.8700/- was auto debited from my account. Do they have hearts?? Why do people like us from middle class apply for loans. ICICI bank didnt have a courtesy to inform or ask before autodebiting. They took as if its their own money. This has to be taken as an serious issue.

They also send me an ICICI lombard insurance which I didnt apply for and asked to cancel, they to agreed but no steps taken instead my amount was debited each and every time.
I don't no why this is happening. Without my consent how they have deducted and charged from my credit card.

I wrote several letters and emails to them, but i think, if this is the way to run ICICI bank credit card division than this is one of worse experience i have. I also emailed to ICICI customer care regarding the same and urge them to stop the credit card from immediate effect.

Its not great to grow big but WHAT MATTERS IS to show consumers that they really mean to service in spite of growing big. I only hope ICICI wakes up sometime to deliver service PROMISED to people for them to really rely on their motto " hum hein na.."


Beware of ICICI Auto Debit!

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  23rd of Mar, 2007
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?¨ agree with the customer...

  12th of Nov, 2007
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I totally agree with you. I had a credit card due of 20,000 but I paid the minimum amount due on the last date online but the bank auto debited the entire amount from my salary account which I have saved for my sister's marriage. The customer care didnt gave any satisfactory answer for two days as the money was debited from my savings account but was not reflected in the credit card account.

Then they said that auto debit facility is by default on and its companies policy not to tel this to the customer and that is why they have debited the money.

Even after paying 1000 as minimum payment they debited the entire amount from my account. I think the bank is just to make money without giving a damn what happens to the customer.

Bank must make the customer aware of the auto debit facility.

Anuj Gupta.

  19th of Nov, 2007
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ICICI group is a gathering of inefficiencies and false promises. I am also a sufferer of their banking and demand accounts. Luckily I have not received my credit card even after one month of applying!

  25th of Aug, 2008
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Even I experienced the same problem.
Even though I payed my creditcard bill by Cash at the counter, they charged me this auto debit amount .
Why do they care about the money I have in my account if I am able to pay their bill??

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