ICE Rewards/International Cruise & Excursion Gallery Inc.unauthorized credit card charges

Ice rewards unauthorized credit card charges and unethical behavior
Client/subscription id:irsc1006755
Resolution required: full refund - all charges to my credit card of usd399.00 and usd200.00 to be reversed.

On the 27th dec 2016 i was approached via telephone by icerewards rep cristina garcia after all the talk i was interested in the pkg and signed up. I was informed that i had 10 days to consider the offer and that no charges will be applied to my credit card.
3days later on the 30 dec 2016 i telephoned my account representative ms christina garcia at [protected] ext4098) informing her that my husband was involved in a vehicular accident. I also stated that as a result of this i was unable to go through with the purchase of the package at this time and needed to cancel the package.
Ms. Garcia assured me that cancellation was not a problem as i was within the 10day window and the initial charge to my credit card of usd $399.00 would be reversed. She also stated that the cancellation process would take ten days.
To date the charge has not been reversed and the package has not been cancelled.
Note: 1.  at no time was i informed that the cancellation/rescission was to be in writing.   2. I was not provided with a fax number or email address to send any written correspondence.
On the 10th january i received a statement in the mail from icerewards with details of my membership. (See attached)
I have left telephone messages for ms. Garcia without much success. To date there has been no responses to any of my calls or messages.
Icerewards went ahead an applied a further charge of usd200.00 to my card on jan21, 2017 even though i expressly stated that i wanted the package cancelled.
This behavior is totally unethical and dishonest.

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    Still waiting on a resolution.

Jan 29, 2017

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