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1 Nashville TN, United States
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Eboni Hurd is very hard-working CSR who recently applied for the supervisor position at the call center. It has come to my attention that she recently said some unkind things about some of her co-workers at the icaregifts call center. If Eboni Hurd was so concern about decline in her co-workers work ethnics ;why didn't she pull them to the side and ask them to pick up the pace and become a better co-worker. She chose to go behind her co-workers back and make false claims that their not doing their jobs to the best of their ability. If she is working so hard at her own job how can she have time to spread lies and gossip about her co-workers behind their backs. If someone is working hard they don't have time to engage in such childish behavior. This type of behavior creates division and hostility in the work place and it can't be tolerate. Eboni Hurd should remove herself from the supervisor call center position and nominate someone else who's character matches their work ethnics.

Aug 23, 2016

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