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IC Systems / Rude employee and manager!

United States Review updated:
My wife had recently had a phone conversation with an employee at IC Ststems, that sound about the same as every other complaint I have read. I was recently deployed to Iraq, and had accidentally forgot to give my wife the information about my credit card payment, which is easy to do when you have deployment on your mind. So this employee who would not give his name only an operator number, explained to my wife that the bill had not been paid and it went to collections. My wife not knowing what he was talking about told him that the next time I called home she was going to find out the info to get it taken care of. The employee then began to tell her that if she bothered me in Iraq that she was a horrible wife, and he could not believe that she would do that instead of paying it. He then told her that she was worthless because she can't handle it herself, and those were his exact words. When I heard this I was fuming, and made a call to the company, of course that employee was not there so I talked to another one, and took care of the bill. I asked to speak to the manager Nate Johnson, and explained to him what had happened, and he told me if I didn't have it recorded he didn't believe what I was saying. I asked him if they record the conversations, and he stated sometimes but not in this case. I then asked to have a number for someone that is over him and he said he was as high as they go, so he was done with me. I then had a few choice words for him and he then hung up. I think that they all get there training from the same place, and know what goes around comes around.


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  13th of Feb, 2008
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I cannot believe stuff like that happens to people. Collection agencies are the worst companies to deal with. They have no education and knowledge and that is why they are so rude. They know that they cannot legally do anthing to people and because they are on the phone they are real big tough guys. I'd like to see them out in public to see how tough they really are. STAY SAFE.
  27th of Feb, 2008
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Pay your bills on time loser, and they wouldnt be calling you at all.. pansy!
  21st of Jul, 2009
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Darrin, your a piece of crap..you loser big fuc---- loser
  21st of Jul, 2009
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You piece of dog crap
  21st of Jul, 2009
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Darrin, your a jackass.

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