IBSN Inc. / beware of ibsn a fraud firm not trust worthy its a scam run by people from indian origin. who will cheat you big time

1 Irving, TX, United States
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I have done my tax returns filing with ibsn for year 2010 and they have mislead and misguided me in claiming the tax returns under a wrong category (employee based business expenses) under itemization where in they have claim the tax deductions for your apartment rent in which you live in, food bills which you spent on your personal own and the commute miles from your home to your fixed office location which is strictly not allowable for a w2 salaried employee. Due to this blunder my case was easily flagged by irs auditors and they have hit me with an audit and penalty of usd 1000 apart from other charges like principal amount and interest. I have tried all my best of the efforts in contacting the firm by calling them on there numbers every night since last 12 nights and every time a new person will lift the phone and they don't try to understand what is our concern and will give false hopes and promise that they will represent our case and let it go. I explained them that they have misguided me by doing wrong itemization and claimed unwanted and cheated irs and us govt and now I have pay penalty they gives you false references and try to avoid talking to you. Even irs has black listed this firm and when I told irs auditor about ibsn he himself concludes that I am not the only victim of ibsn and even they are also aware of this firms activities. So I would conclude to be beware of this buggers and cheat people who is cheating there own country land people for there hard earned money being away from there country land and every one. One on the name of country they are running a scam with their own country people and doing fraud big times with all the possible means. There a bunch of professionals cheaters and criminal minded people running this firm who will not leave any chance to rip you off and does fraud with us govt itself. Fortunately or unfortunately they are still in the business which is outrageous.


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