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I am not sure if I have the right place to lodge a complaint but appoligise if I am in the wrong place and
would like your assistance if I am.

I would like to put in a complaint in relation to

5 weeks ago, I put in a request for a withdrawal and today I find my account closed with no explaination at the moment.
Its hard to ever get anyone.

I submitted my withdraw on Sunday 26th April. At this stage my account was 'bronze level' which allowed me to withdrawal upto
$1000. And could do that weekly.

Payout days were Monday.

On Monday 27th April, I never got my withdrawl, so contacted them to find out why and was told that it was because I submitted it
the day before. It needed to be done on the Friday to be paid out the following Monday.
So I was told that I would have to wait until the following Monday to be paid out.

On Monday 4th May, got an email to say withdrawal was declined. No explaination. So I contacted Live Help who told me it
was declined because they needed my Neteller number. I submitted that but yet again was then told I would have to now
wait unti the following Monday.

On Monday 11th May, got an email again to say declined. Apparently this time, I was require to submit other documents for
verification. (I had previously already done that at an earlier stage) so submitted my lisence and utility bill and ask them
to verify that documention was all good so there were NO excuses for the following Monday.
They got back to me (in an email) to say ok

On Monday 18th May, got another email yet again to say declined. This time it was ' management verification ' this apparently
happens once or twice a year and once verified, I will have no problems in the future. I had to get someone to call me to
confirm this. So not sure why I had to get verified twice but again then had to wait until the following monday.

Monday 25th. This is the 5th monday payout date.
No email was in my inbox so thought I would check the account to see if it had been paid and gues what.
For some reason now my account is locked.

This is not good enough. I have had no email or explaination as to why it has been locked, I have been on hold to live help
now for about 30 minutes (this is the second time) not sure if they can see its me trying to get them

So enough is enough now.

How dare they treat me like this and who knows how many others, so after 5 weeks I think I have been patient enough and want
something done about this.

They cannot just close someones account and give them no explaination keeping in mind I logged in about 8 hours ago to see if
there had been any movement.
In a matter of 5 weeks my points have dropped from 4500 to 2000 so they cannot use that as an excuse not to
pay me as they have been dragging this out.
Thought they might of used that as their next excuse not to pay.

I would appreciate if I can get a response from you either way if I have the right place or not as I need to make sure I do
contact the right people so this is noted.
If they are doing this to everyone that makes a withdrawal, then they need to be stopped. Or warned.

I am so angry at the moment, not that I dont have my money, but the fact that this has dragged out for 5 weeks and then
to have the account disabled is so frustrating.
And not having live help answer. They dont answer emails either.

So this is my last resort. Well its not because I know there are forums, casino chats, social media etc that I can go and do'
all sorts of havoc, but am trying to do the right thing here

Thanks for your time

Leanne Baker

May 25, 2015

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