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I was told by Ibd the mine timeshare was going to sale in six months or i will get my money back but the always say something different now you can get no one person on the phone or internet. I believe they stole my money and the have no respect for no one person.

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  • Br
      Jan 16, 2008

    I just tried to send email after trying to go through web pg. and also have noticed the same thing NO ONE answers the phone or the web page!! I was also taken advantage of!! IBD Marketing is and was a fraud!!!

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  • Si
      Jan 17, 2008

    My husband and I were told that our timeshare would sale in 90 days for sure,we only have 2 weeks left till time is up,no one answers there phone,and I have left 4 messages and nobody has called me back.I have a lawyer waiting by my side to see what happens.I will not let them get away with this.We feel cheated,and I better get my money back from i.b.d..They have very poor customer service,dont let them take advantage of you too!!!!!!!

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  • St
      Jan 21, 2008

    In July 2007 I entered into a contract with IBD to sell my timeshare. They told me they had people that wanted to buy even as I was filling out the paperwork. They promised a $500.00 gift certificate if my timeshare did not sell in 90 days. No sale, no gift certificate and as others have indicated you cannot reach them by phone. The number now indicates that the messages are full. This is a ripoff. They just steal your money.

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  • Jo
      Jan 25, 2008


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  • Ga
      Dec 09, 2008
    Investors Business Daily - Waste of time and money
    Investors Business Daily
    12655 Beatrice Street
    Los Angeles
    United States

    I bought this paper to get a little more news about investments. The first problem with the paper is it is very expensive. It is three dollars for the weekend edition and two dollars for a regular paper. Also, it is hard to find unlike the Wall Street Journal which is sold just about everywhere. Keep in mind unlike the Wall Stree Journal (WSJ), IBD only has two parts to its paper yet charges considerably more.

    The paper uses computerized modeling to suggest which stocks have the most mommentum and according to theory are most likely to continue to go up. Bascially it uses a type of technical analysis. I do not know of anyone who has ever gotten wealthy from technical analysis of stocks. In fact, if you were to look at some of the wealthiest stock investors such as Warren Buffet, Peter Lynch, George Soros, etc. they all did it through value investing.

    In addition to that the paper is a marketing piece for William O'Neil and company. He offers investments seminars that run as high as nearly $10, 000 per seminar. So the paper is not so much reporting about investment news as it is about selling William O'Neil's investment philosophy.

    Perhaps the most disturbing part of the paper is that there are a lot of politics in the paper. And make no mistake about it, IBD does not even pretend to be balanced! The paper devotes several pages to politics and "opinion" which basically amounts to a daily Democratic bashing while praising Republicans no matter what happened. In the newspaper I read they praised George W. Bush's ideal for the Iraq War and his handling of it. Perhaps they did not read that almost 80% of Americans are against the War and wanted it to end.

    Apparently, Mr. O'Neil is so extreme in his right-wing views that he does not believe global warming even exists, and there was an article in IBD that stated that global warming was good. The paper bashes Obama daily even though he is not in office and won the election quite handily. What is disturbing is that this is supposed to be an investment newspaper, not a political piece. If one wanted to hear a daily Democratic bashing they could turn on Fox News and save the three dollars to buy the paper.

    I notice that the circulation is down substantially from just a few years ago, unlike the WSJ which has increased its circulation. Unless you want to hear a daily Democratic bashing in your Investment newspaper, and want to read about Mr. O'Neil's expensive investment seminars, I would pass on IBD and buy the Wall Street Journal!

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