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IBC Merchant Services / Credit Card Customer Service

1 PO box 6600Hagerstown, MD, United States
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I have been with IBC Merchant Services for over 10 years. Back in August 2015 we decided to move on. I cancelled. My machines were turned off. We could not use them.. no problem. They continued to auto Draft our account for the rest of the year for their fees $46.90. My bookkeeper didn't pick up on the charge because she didn't realize I had cancelled with them. At the end of the year review I noticed the charges. We called in December... they said Oh sorry it didn't get cancelled on our end. In my notes I wrote that they were putting in for a credit for September - December. Good customer service I thought. THEN In January we were billed AGAIN! I called back. By the time I reached the third level of service I was told... AGAIN we're sorry we see the cancellation notes but "it didn't get to the cancellation department for some reason... We apologize... but we'll get you a credit for January" WAIT A MINUTE what about Sept. - Dec?? "Oh well we don't have any notes on that so it won't get approved... I'll submit it but without notes on our end it won't likely get thru finance" HOW CONVENIENT FOR YOU... You screwed up in December but you couldn't possibly have screwed up in August... And I'm just suppose to accept that I've lost my mind and never cancelled back then... even though the credit card machines were deactivated and there was no usage during those months. I could not be more disappointed in this company and this level of customer service. IF the finance Department sees the error and gives us the full credit I will gladly repost, but the lower level CS reps sure made me feel like that was not going to happen... basically, my loss their gain...again, how convenient for them! Guess there is no question my desire to leave IBC Merchant Services!

Jan 19, 2016

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