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My husband purchased the download version two weeks ago. It installed fine on the desktop but it will not "turn on" on the laptop.
I contacted tech support and it said I would receive a reply in 24-48 hours. No reply after three days. To date I have contacted them three times with no reply. Now I have a AcroRdWin message popping up and when I went to Best Buy and asked them to take a look, come to find out it's a virus associated with "keystroke software". It accesses the internet on its own and is a worm virus. THERE IS NO CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMBER AT ALL FOR THIS COMPANY. So realize that once you download it on your computer, you're on your own. We are getting the worm resolved, but if you're looking at purchasing software to watch your kids, think twice about this one. More trouble than it's worth.

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  •   Jan 04, 2007
    IamBigBrother - Do not waste your money. This company is a scam!
    United States

    I paid for and downloaded I Am Big Brother Software. When I set up the Remote Access feature, it cost me $49.99 for the year. My credit card was charged for this, and I have yet to receive the promised Serial Number that would allow me to set this feature up.

    I have tried contacting the company twice over the past couple of weeks, and have yet to hear anything back, although the website claims you will hear from them within 24-48 hours. There is only an online help service that they don't respond to, and no phone number, fax number, or even an address to contact.

    This company is a scam, and if you buy it, you are wasting your money, because they don't support the product in any way, and you don't get what you pay a fortune for.

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  • Ti
      Mar 15, 2007

    I totally agree. Fraudulent charge to my account for IamBigBrother product, no number, address or fax. IamBigBrother do however give you a phone number to another company who sells the product independently from them who cannot help you. IamBigBrother can only tell you that they have thousands of affiliates that sell the product for a commission but are unable to tell you which one it was. Which is understandable can't blame them. Did you ever manage to get a number for these people?

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  • Pa
      Jan 08, 2009
    IamBigBrother - NO SUPPORT
    North Carolina
    United States

    After downloading and installing the 10.0 version, I was unable to retrieve most of the info. When opening the program to get the information it just closed. I re-opened the program and the same thing happened. I sent their "support" team my complaint and they promised a response within 24-48 hrs. After waiting a week, still have recieced no response. I sent the individual affiliate(clickbank) a complaint as well and am still waiting to hear from them.
    I purchased version 9 last year and it was great. So far, version 10.0 is a waist.

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  • Ro
      Apr 27, 2009

    I completely aggree with you! I have filed a complaint with the BBB,, and I am actually going to put this in for my lawyer to look at. Per the website, if a company states something like, "voted #1 software!" they have to provide information backing up that claim. Otherwise, it's considered misleading advertising. My 2 cents, don't buy it! PERIOD!

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  • Do
      May 07, 2009

    i have been in IT for over 20 years. i read reviews and decided to get thsi s/ware

    i find it immediatekly caused pc problems. it would not run (pc said coudl not find itime exe .. and quite true it wasn't there!)

    and as noted above, when i went to site, NO contact number no nothing at all. say to contact them if you want to be reseller but gives no details. no address. no nothing. if i had seen that first, that would have made me very leery indeed. as it does now.

    also no email confirming purchase arrived. ditto when i signed up beforehand for remote trial.

    i managed to find an exe in folder to uninstall, but after supposed uninstall, all the folders and some files were left that were unable to be deleted in usual way (and i am going to have to find a more heavy duty way to delete)

    as well as run some s/w over pc to see what is still lurking there

    with all this, i am now worried that this sofware is very dangerous

    don card

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  • Ve
      Jun 16, 2010

    I filled out the order information and it came back stating that my order could not be processed as the information was incorrect. I then reached my credit card company to make sure of my address (new credit card company) and it was. Late that day I seen the charge to my credit card for the software without even getting the software nor email, nothing. I have opened 3 support tickets (only option to reach them) and it has been days (well pst the 24-48 hour time frame they state) with still not one reply to one ticket. And to make the best of it, my credit card company wants me to open a fraud charge with the police and then disable my card for 3 months??

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